A Dream Fulfilled

Parsi Times is pleased to share the success of the efforts by the partnership between Jiyo Parsi, WZO Trust Funds and DNM Sarvajanik Hospital (Navsari) for fulfilling the dream of a young couple from a Gujarat village, married for a decade and longing to have a child of their own. Our much loved and respected Community Visionary and Founder of World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) Trust Funds, Dinshaw K. Tamboly shares…

IMG_0791 copyThe partnership between Jiyo Parsi, WZO Trust Funds and D. N. Mehta Sarvajanik Hospital at Navsari is proud to be instrumental in realizing the dream of our young Parsi couple, living in a village in the interiors of Gujarat, who have been married for over ten long years and had been yearning to have a child of their own.

The young couple, along with Jiyo Parsi, WZO Trust Funds and the DNM Sarvajanik Hospital celebrated the birth of their first baby (a boy) born through the cashless treatment initiative set up at Navsari. For couples that cannot afford treatment (pay first, recover later), as per the guidelines laid down by the government for the Jiyo Parsi scheme, WZO Trust Funds, in association with DNM Sarvajanik Hospital, have evolved a cashless scheme for indigent young couples of South Gujarat, who cannot afford to pay upfront for the expensive fertility treatment.

The couple reside in a quaint village, 70 kms from Navsari. In order to ensure that the mother-to-be’s health would not be affected due to the long distance travel from their village to the hospital in Navsari for consultation and treatment, she was admitted to the hospital two months before delivery on a gratis basis. The additional expenses, not covered by the Jiyo Parsi scheme, were borne by WZO Trust Funds and DNM Sarvajanik Hospital.

A baby boy was born to the delight of all the stakeholders on July 13, 2016. Post birth, further facility was provided to the family enabling mother and son to remain at the Hospital for forty days post natal care for free. The happy family, returned to their village a week ago, with their dream for a child fulfilled after ten long years of waiting. This is obviously not the ending, but the beginning of a real-life happy tale! Kudos to the cumulative efforts of Jiyo Parsi, WZO Trust Funds and D. N. Mehta Sarvajanik Hospital!

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