BPP Issues Statement

In keeping with the recent developments that have occurred over the past week, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet would like to issue a statement to the community, in an attempt to stop all unnecessary speculations, and reassure the community about their commitment to protecting the interests and growth of the community.

Three of the BPP Trustees – Chairman Yazdi Desai, Trustees Zarir Bhathena and Noshir Dadrawala wish to express their solidarity with their colleague Trustee Kersi Randeria. This is especially in keeping with the fact that Kersi Randeria’s presence in the courtroom on the 8th of September, 2016, (the day when, as per the reports, he was physically assaulted by Ex-Chairman Dinshaw Mehta and his son Hormuz Mehta), was the outcome of a resolution that had been passed by the BPP Board on 6th September, 2016, authorizing Kersi Randeria to represent the BPP in the court proceedings if the need arose. This was the very first time that Kersi Randeria attended the Court for this case, which is in respect of the FIR filed against Dishaw Mehta at MRA Marg Police Station on the complaint of ex-Trustee Mr. Khojeste Mistree.  BPP’s decision to authorize Kersi to attend the Court was solely with the intent to protect the interest of the Trust so as to ensure that the allegations in respect of the alleged cash transactions undertaken by the ex-Chairman Dinshaw Mehta stand properly investigated as the Police Authorities themselves are now of the view that the fresh evidence submitted to them, warrant a reinvestigation.

The Trustees of the BPP condemn this shameful and dastardly assault in the strictest sense and suspect that it may have been pre-planned, to dislodge the judicial process and prevent the Hon’ble Judge from passing any orders, as also to divert the public glare on Dinshaw Mehta for the above allegations of cash transactions.

The attack on Kersi Randeria, seems to us, a well-strategised one. It is important to note that within just a couple of hours post the attack, photos were already doing the rounds seemingly  to gain public sympathy, but the actual hospital reports, to our knowledge, show only one medically proven injury – that to Trustee Kersi Randeria’s eye. It is unfortunate that in this dramatic melee, we seem to conveniently forget that Kersi may have very well lost his eye. As his vision continues to stay slightly compromised, he is still undergoing treatment a week later, and there is a possibility that this loss of vision could stay on for a long time.

There have been constant attempts to divert the public attention when it comes to the above case. However, the Trustees at the BPP are solidly committed to working towards the cause of our Community and will not be diverted from their path of duty and responsibility while following the due legal procedures to ensure that justice is done and the truth prevails.

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