BPP’s Controversial ‘Missing’ Files

Yet another controversy that’s doing the rounds of the community, and is being splashed across group chats on whatsapp and social media, is about a few crucial files and papers that seem to have gone missing from the BPP Office. Conveniently, the files/papers that have gone missing are connected directly or indirectly with controversial issues, and therefore, one would have to take a serious leap of faith to relegate the lost files to an ‘administrative lapse’. It is a matter of similar record, when years ago, the file of ‘Firuzgar Trust’, the family trust of the Mehtas, went missing from the BPP office. This irregularity had led to the resignation of the then BPP Trustees including the respectable community front-runners – Minoo Shroff, Dinshaw Tumboly, Burjor Antia and Maneck Engineer.

It is reported that the new Board of Trustees have been unable to find a single file of the agreements made between various Hoarding contractors and the BPP. Surprisingly, even as Ex-BPP Chairman Dinshaw Mehta vociferously challenges these facts, it would be the simplest thing for his son and current Trustee, Viraf Mehta, to clarify whether these files are missing or not. Further, reliable sources have revealed to Parsi Times that there is a strong possibility that some of these missing files may have been sent to a Parsi Baug in Andheri, although this matter is under investigation.

Even so, it remains that any paper of file going missing from the BPP office, can have serious ramifications. Parsi Times was informed that based on the complaint made by an individual, the Trustees have been called upon to produce all files, vouchers, et al documents spanning the past 3 years, for inspection at the office of the Charity Commissioner. If during this investigation, the BPP was to claim that it had lost some papers or files, the Trust could come under serious difficulties which it may not be able to justify to the Charity Commissioner.

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