Film Review: Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa

YehToh2MuchHogaya_RFirstly, the title — it forewarns you of the couple of hours you would be spending if you decide to watch the film. Hackneyed gags, gorgeous gals and goons galore make up the bulk of the running time of YTTMHG. Mohan and Mann (Jimmy Sheirgill) are identical twins, separated at birth. (No, they’ll never stop making such films.) Mann lives in Bangkok and Mohan in a village in India with his mother (Zarina Wahab). Mann’s girlfriend is Tina (Brazilian-born model Bruna Abdullah). Mohan’s love interest is Mina (Pooja Chopra), whose elder brother Rajeshwar Chaudhary (Murli Sharma) is wealthy, scheming and who controls her life.

And then, there is Bangkok mafia-don Mac whose battalion of goons always stand as if they suffered from ulcers a couple of inches thick, in their armpits. Mac’s (a wooden Arbaaz Khan) only mistake (besides getting into films) is having Ricky, a spoilt brat as a brother.

The aftermath of Mann’s run-in with Ricky and his goons forms the major part of the film. Director Anwer Khan exploits the identical twin confusion and consternation formula to the maximum.

Even the village belles in the film manage to look glamorous. The only saving grace is Jimmy Sheirgill and the few sights of Thailand. The background music is ear-shattering. Of the supporting cast, Murli Sharma is watchable, Bruna Abdullah and Pooja Chopra could do with a course in acting and all Zarina Wahab has to do is cry and look forlorn. Vijay Patkar as the twins Tun and Pintu manages to get a few sympathetic laughs.

A pedestrian plot, adorned with corny dialogues — sample this : ‘aap mere bachhe ke baap bannewaale hain’ or ‘mere bhai ko kuch hua toh main yeh hospital mein kisi ko nahi chodoonga’.

Bas, bas, yeh toh too much ho gaya

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