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Dear Readers,

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Yes, the politics is back, Just when we thought things are finally moving, we seem to be hitting a stalemate again. And no points for guessing who gets sacrificed at the political altar – as always – the community. And as boring, repetitive and sordid as we may find the details, it is as much our duty, as your trusted weekly, to let you know the facts, as it is yours to stay informed as responsible members of our community. We do, after all, live in a democracy, and democracy, as you know, is based on an ‘informed’ public.

That said, in keeping with the numerous mails that we receive from our readers, we sincerely request and even insist – that those involved in our community politics, be it the Trustees within the BPP or the politicians outside; as also the well-meaning and the not-so-well-meaning components on either side – in the words of an irate community member’s mail, which I believe, reflects the sentiments of our community about the ongoing politics, simply put, “Perform or Perish!”

Moving on… the oncoming week throws in some momentous days, all converging on Monday, September 5. While Ganesh Chaturthi will leave no stone unturned in announcing its arrival with inescapable, serpentine traffic jams and inane Bollywood numbers blaring with challenging decibels across Mumbai’s streets; and the death anniversary of our revered saint Kukadaru will have most Zoroastrians offering prayers; it’s Teacher’s Day that I’d like to bring your attention to.

Teachers are the most influential people that shape our lives, yet teaching remains an under-appreciated and sometimes thankless profession. I believe the fortunate are blessed to learn under the wisdom and guidance of good teachers, the rest learn through life’s trials-and-errors. The difference, symbolically and respectively speaking, is akin to going through life equipped with a GPS on one hand, and a simple compass, on the other. A good teacher enables our evolution from being simply literate to being educated – big difference there. We learn and imbibe principles, values, mindsets and attitudes that lead to success and happiness.

Did you have a teacher or teachers who made a difference to your life? This would be a lovely time to reconnect and say “thank you”, don’t you think?

Have a fun weekend and a productive week!


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