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Dear Readers,

Anahita_Editorial copyOur Bombay has been on high-alert, due to possible terrorist penetration reported in Uran, since Thursday (two days ago) and I’m hoping that by the time you read this article, the situation would have sorted itself out safely, without any harm done to life or property. It’s scary because we’ve been there not too long ago, when Bombay was under the siege of terrorism for four days in November 2008. The luckier(?) ones simply stayed glued to our television sets, numbed with shock and horror, watching the brainwashed suicide bombers ravage our city and kill our people; while the not-so-lucky ones suffered the heartache of losing over 165 loved ones, with many more injured, still dealing with the traumas personally suffered.

The naïve believe terrorism is born of a religion. The slightly more enlightened know it’s politics at play, veiled behind the convenient concept of religion, because apparently, religion cannot and must not be logicized or questioned – those who question religion, lack ‘faith’. And it’s always baffled me – if religion is meant to open up your mind to facilitate your spiritual growth, doesn’t the very essence of this evolutionary process get undermined, if not negated, when you refuse to apply reason or logical questioning to it? The intent and progression of spiritual growth, or any kind of positive growth, is rooted in intelligence, and intelligence stands on the pillars of reason, truth and instinct.

And speaking of intelligence, or the lack of it, I feel compelled to share with my readers a mail I received from Trustee Viraf Mehta on Thursday, 22nd September, where I’ve been accused of “misleading the community”, amongst other grievances. I’d have answered him earlier but by the time I got done with REAL work, I noticed it had already been answered, with precision and truth, by BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai, who had also been marked on the mail by Viraf.

Now I understand this might once again disappoint Viraf, who insisted even the last time when I printed his version of events in Parsi Times, that I should not subject his content to cross-question with others relevant to the issue, or in short, the truth. However, when I did extend him the leeway of not going to print without ascertaining the truth in his writings, he finally decided to go for print. I’d definitely recommend a read (on Pg. 9) for those interested.

It’s a bummer to have received such disrespectful communication from Viraf in keeping with the fact that Parsi Times has repeatedly extended this platform and printed his writings ‘as is’ – a practice we stick to in keeping with our commitment to ‘ethical journalism’ – both words, I’m guessing, alien to Viraf. I have chosen to waive responding to Viraf’s disrespectful and false accusations, tantamounting to defamation for Parsi Times and myself, because I believe Yazdi Desai has answered and proved wrong his every statement with clinical precision.

On a serious note, journalists and Editors usually end up getting caught in the political labyrinth, and God help you if one of the Trustees owns the publication – then the Editor and publication is already adjudged guilty of favoritism until proven innocent. However, I’m thankful for the overwhelming support of my readers who are able to observe facts without a jaundiced eye, and for the encouragement of those who appreciate that Parsi Times thrives on the pursuit of the truth. I’d also like to extend a special note of thanks to some of the BPP Trustees for sharing ongoing facts and keeping the community rightfully updated, with the aim of avoiding false speculations.

Keeping aside my professional affinity and personal deference for people in office committed to doing good for our community – here’s a special shout-out to Yazdi Desai, Noshir Dadrawala, Zarir Bhathena and yes, Kersi Randeria for also being the most non-intrusive and non-interfering boss ever and for always encouraging me to get to the bottom of every issue – political and otherwise – to ensure that Parsi Times remains the beacon of truth for our community!

Have a safe and relaxed weekend, all!

– Anahita

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