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Letter From Complainant And Ex BPP Trustee, Khojeste Mistee

Dear Editor,

I am writing to correct the misleading stories being churned out by the Mehta family, and to put in context the shocking brawl in the court premises on September 8, 2016. As the sole complainant, having lodged an FIR against Dinshaw Mehta, I was in court on the 8th of September, when members of the Mehta family showed their true colours. Mr. Kersi Randeria was also present as a Trustee of the BPP, as my complaint against Dinshaw Mehta is about the cash transaction of Rs. 25 lacs taken by him, personally, during the tenure of the previous BPP board of trustees.

As the matter was placed for final hearing at 5:00 pm, we all walked out of the court room, when suddenly Hormuz Mehta got into an altercation with Mr. Randeria and began to verbally abuse him, precipitating the unfortunate brawl.

The Mehta family has a track record of being abusive and aggressive to anyone who crosses their path, thereby creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. It is clear that the Mehta family created this fracas in order to divert the attention of the Parsi community from the impending judgement, as he is under a microscope over the Rs. 25 lacs cash transaction that he solely negotiated and took, when he was a BPP Trustee.

Let us not succumb to the deliberate, diversionary tactics of Dinshaw Mehta and his family and instead focus on the core issue of Mehta’s involvement in taking Rs. 25 lacs in cash. There is now incontrovertible proof by way of affidavits, audio and video recordings which Kersi Randeria and Yazdi Desai, the present Chairman of the BPP, have obtained against Dinshaw Mehta.

In July 2011 a similar fracas was engineered by Dinshaw Mehta and his three sons at Rustom Baug during the BPP elections. In 2015, Mehta sought to throw a chair at Trustee Yazdi Desai and was stopped just in time by others in the BPP board room. I was present as a BPP trustee, when this uncalled for incident took place under Mehta’s Chairmanship. It is common knowledge that verbal abuses, filthy language and threats of violence are constantly used by Dinshaw Mehta, in and out of the board room.
On the 2nd of August 2016, I was present in court, when my matter came up for hearing and after it was adjourned, once again Mehta directed a string of vile abuses towards me, which as always, I ignored. He repeated his true colours on the 8th of September when he was abusive against a lady, who I believe, has filed a criminal complaint against him. Unfortunately, Kersi Randeria is just another victim of the dastardly and violent behaviour of Dinshaw Mehta and his family.

The Parsi community was once known for its integrity and honesty worldwide and it is time that prominent members of the community condemn the disgraceful behaviour of the Mehta family. The Parsi community’s public image is being severely tarnished by the uncouth and uncivilised behaviour of this one family. It is time for the community to redeem its image and restore the dignity of the office of the BPP, which has taken a severe beating during the last 21 years of Dinshaw Mehta’s involvement with the Punchayet.

Khojeste P Mistree (Main Complainant of The 8th Septemeber 2016 Court Case and Ex-Trustee, BPP)

Whither Goest Thou, My Community
Dear Editor,
Hang down your head Community,
Hang down your head and cry.
Hang down your head Bawaji
For the antics of the erstwhile Chairman-Bhai.
For a while I’d decided not to comment upon any occurrence within our community. It goes on and on ad infinitum, with recriminations pouring in from all the sides. But today, I put aside my resolution to say that last week’s alleged assault on the sitting Trustee of the BPP, by the past president of the BPP and his son, was not just an assault on Trustee Kersi Randeria, but also an assault on every Parsi/Irani Jarthosti and everything we stand for!! This is the lowest a member of our community has sunk, and everyday the two alleged assaulters are coming up with new excuses trying to absolve themselves from their dark deeds, thus sinking deeper into the quagmire of lies.
Many a Jarthosti asks the question, “Whither goest thou my community?” Many a Jarthosti wonders – have we have wandered so far from our values and become so very depraved? No, the community has not degenerated – only a couple of the members of the community have reached the nadir of their values and behavior.
This is not Parsipanu, the Parsipanu of which we are all very proud. We may have differences of opinion, we argue vociferously, we knock at the court’s doors for justice, but no, we never knock out people who differ from us in the courtyards of the courts! This shows scant regard for the law of the land – a shame!
Our sister communities still look up to us as people of honesty and integrity. We have the highest rate of literacy. We are a great example of a non-violent community that believes in the law of the land and respects its constitution. Let this reputation not come to naught by one such act. A leader must ‘lead a life sublime, and departing leave behind, footprints in the sands of time’. Let us sincerely hope this leader’s (?) footprints are completely washed out by the tide of time!
Dara Khodaiji

Honouring Apro Late Freddie Mercury
Dear Editor,
I reproduce for the benefit of our Parsi readers, a write up which has appeared in the prestigious newspaper – New York Times dated 13th September 2016. I’m sure it will bring cheer to our readers and will act as a soothing effect, after reading all unpleasant incidents appearing in the press a few days back. The write up reads: ‘Space Rock – In Honour of Freddie’: Freddie Mercury of the rock group, ‘Queen’ already shared his name with one celestial body. Now another has been added – an asteroid soaring between Mars and Jupiter has been named for the singer, who died in 1991. The rock, formerly Asteroid 17473, measures roughly 2.2 miles across and reflects just one third of the sunlight that hits it. It’s just a dot of light, but it’s a very special dot of light, said Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, and an astrophysicist.
Rohinton S. Udachia (Mississauga, Canada)

Shocking Out-Of-Court Incident
Dear Editor,
This has reference to the incident reported in Parsi Times dated September 10, 2016. It is unfortunate that in the last BPP Election, Parsi voters did not succeed in making a single defence personnel a Trustee out of the four deserving, who contested the election. I hope they do so in forthcoming by-elections, and see the change/ difference.
Dara J. Irani

Thanks For The Review!
Dear Editor,
Thanks a ton for reviewing the film, ‘Wrong Side Raju’ in Parsi Times. I wish to inform you that the premier of this film which took place on 7.9.16 in Ahmedabad was attended by my son, Cheragh P. Todiwala, who was the Editor of the film. The film’s Producer was very happy with Cheragh’s editing and appreciated his work. This film is doing very well in Ahmedabad. Once again Cheragh, my family and I thank you and your team for the support. God bless all.
Dinaz P. Todiwala.

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