Letters To The Editor

Good Going, PT!

Dear Editor,
I am writing to you after a long period of time. First of all, I’ve been wanting to tell you this since long – I thoroughly enjoy your editorials. I am in sync with all your ideas – be it the unconditional love you talked about on Valentine’s day or your aversion to Parsi politics or when you said let’s move on. Your thoughts on the importance of water (my professor called it God’s wine), your angst at people maligning each other, your frightening revelations and sound advice for drug abuse and so much more.. The first thing I go for on Saturday mornings is your edifying editorial. It’s good to feel I am on the same wavelength as you.
Next I want to congratulate you for the Shirin Merchant columns. She is my student doing wonders with dogs. Her dogs were the only ones who smelt out the dead bodies and saved the lives of those caught in the Gujarat earthquake. She features in my slide presentation of ‘The contribution of the Parsis to India and the world’. I was also very thrilled to read about the award for Shabana Azmi – she too is a Queen Marian! I am so proud of all my girls – they have reached great heights in various fields.
The next thing I want to congratulate you about is the selection of articles from the beautiful book ‘Homage unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji M. N. Dhalla, High Priest of the Parsis of Karachi. I have a copy. It is my prized possession, legacy of my mom. I would be so happy if you would print the article on page 175 titled ‘Let None Nurse Intolerance’. I would like to quote a few sentences but please print the entire article – it should open the eyes of fanatics found in every religion:
“Intolerance and bigotry and dogmatism are the bitterest enemies of religion upon earth
All bigotry Is blind and stupid and savage
All religions come from one and the only God who makes himself known by many a name
All open their hearts to the same God
Teach me, my God, to see that I have no right to impose my own way of thinking upon others
Give me strength to root out from my heart bigotry and fanatic zeal
Fill my mind and heart, Ahura Mazda with the spirit of toleration”
His book is full of such gems. Now for my last topic I am conducting our poetry festival under the banner ‘A 100 thousand poets for change – a global movement. Parsi Times has given coverage for this festival since the last 3 years and please continue the same this time too. It takes place on Sunday, 25th  September at 10:30 am at KitabKhana. This year the theme is The Five Fine Arts – Music, Art, Poetry, Sculpture and architecture.
I am sorry I have rambled on and on but like Rosalind in ‘As You Like It’, ‘Do you not know I am a woman? When I think I must speak.’ With love and God bless!
Rati Dady Wadia (former Principal, Queen Mary School)

RIP Kumi Daroowala

Dear Editor,
The sprightly, active and ever youthful Coomie Daruwalla is no more. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for Parsi Times and got to know her well. Coomie Auntie, as many lovingly called her, wore many hats. She was a philanthropist and a humanist. She was the founder member and the president of the Winter Relief Fund, a moving force behind the Rustom Baug Welfare Centre, and she actively helped the cause of the physically handicapped.
A sweet, soft-spoken lady who carried her age, tempered with wisdom and dignity, well. The community, especially the residents of Rustom Baug, are saddened by her demise. May her soul rest in everlasting peace!
Hoshang T. Sethna

Articles Well Received!
Dear Editor,
Last Saturday, I read Marzee Kerawalla’s article on Wills in Parsi Times. The article is very well written and in simple English, which even a child can understand. Kudos to Marzee and hope he will write more such informative articles and Parsi Times can encourage these young people to come forward with such articles.
Khorshed Mistry

Two Parsi Bravehearts From The Navy
Dear Editor,
I refer to your edition dated 13 August 2016,  Pages 46 & 47 – “Tribute to Parsi Bravehearts” wherein you have done a laudable task in bringing to the notice of some of the members of our Community our past stalwarts in Politics/Social life and the Services. But may I take the liberty of bringing to your notice that there are some from the Services who deserve a space in your column not by virtue of their rank but by their acts of gallantry.
There are two names that I can readily recall from the Navy, that of Commander Bahadur N. Kavina (Retd) residing in Pune and Vice Admiral Rustom K.S.Gandhi (Deceased)  recipients of the Vr.C.for Gallantry in  various conflicts with Pakistan. These two Zarathosti officers are the only ones in the Navy to have been conferred with this award by The President of India.
Colonel Sohrab K. Pudumjee (Retd)

Articles W
Dear Anahita,
Instead of patiently bearing all the dadagiri and goondagiri thrust upon the BPP Trustees by Dinshaw Mehta and clan, why don’t the Trustees lodge a complaint with the Enforcement Directorate, the Income Tax and all Government Agencies to probe the wealth amassed by them?
It is not just Rs. 25 lakhs from Dadi House sale, but many flats sold to Parsees at exorbitant rates in premium Baugs. Has all the monetary consideration received been accounted for? The new Board can get all the transactions scrutinized, those done during the entire tenure of Dinshaw. In those days, he had allegedly appointed agents to get customers and they were on paid commission. Safely, the total amount will run into crores, and not mere lakhs.
(name withheld on request)

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