Your Monthly Numero-Tarot Predictions (August)

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January: Confidence is the key to success. Fight for your right. Be practical. Follow your intuition. Search the right path to reach your destination. Don’t rush without thinking. (Lucky number: 8)

February: This is a temporary karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap. This is the time to pay karmic debts. A little charity is advised. A small journey is possible this month. (Lucky Number: 21)

March: Best time to start new partnership. Health will be good. Clear your confusions – ends are new beginnings. Start afresh, take expert advice. Move on with pride. (Lucky Number: 17)

April: Enjoy the rainbow of happiness, love, peace, satisfaction with your loved ones. There could be extra work for few days in this month. Health will be fine. Bathe with rock salt. (Lucky Number: 5)

May: Travel is indicated. Time to implement your ideas. Don’t feel neglected. Happiness is an art of making a bouquet of the flowers within reach. Stop sweating the petty. (Lucky Number: 3)

June: Take the world in your stride. Travel abroad is indicated. There will be financial stability. Change is for the better. A romantic month ahead for people born in June. (Lucky number:10)

July: Justice is on the cards. Legal matters will get sorted out. Wear pearl to overcome confusion and mood swings. A temporary phase of non-liquidity of cash should be. There could be little saving or no savings this month. (Lucky number: 11)

August: Good time for students born in August. Don’t overstress yourself, as it will harm your health. There is a new beginning. Start with full enthusiasm and zest and celebrate. (Lucky Number: 2)

September: You are blessed. Thank the universe for its countless blessings. Time for name, fame, and prosperity. Emotional support is available. Sound sleep is must. Postpone the idea of buying or renovating property for few months. (Lucky Number: 19)

October: All that glitters is not gold. Come out of the illusion. Be practical. Financial support is available. There is magical protection for you in all areas of life. (Lucky Number: 1)

November: Your spiritual healing has started. Health will recover. Success and victory is on cards. You are intelligent enough to take decisions. Clear your confusion. (Lucky Number: 6)

December: Health and emotional stability looks good. Be aware of back-stabbers. Best month especially for ladies born in December. Happy times on the cards this month! (Lucky Number: 4)

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