Teacher’s Day Special

They say teachers are the most responsible and important members of society because their commitment and efforts influence success and can affect the destiny of not just individuals, but that of mankind. On the occasion marking Teacher’s Day on the 5th of September, Parsi Times caught up with our very own superstar and actor extraordinaire, Boman Irani and Ghazal Queen, Penaz Masani to share their take with you…


A Tribute By Boman Irani…

Boman Irani


“Film actors, from Dev Anand to SRK, are the most imitated and mimicked people around. My guess is teachers could come in as a close second, if not the first, as being the most imitated individuals… from their walk, to the way they speak, and every other nuance and gesture. The reason for this constant fascination, to imitate actors and teachers, is common to both professions – they are our heroes.

Fortunately, there’s more to it than mere mimicry. It just could be a subconscious influence they may have over us. Even today, when their words, that linger on in our hearts, are repeated, we tend to recall them in their own voices. Mr. Dyer, our Principal, was also our English teacher. Or was he just that? I recall how he taught us the love of Shakespeare, but what I recall most is what we learnt from him about life… to be upright, elegant, steadfast, principled, humorous, sporty… most everything a man should be. He was all that and more.

He once walked into the classroom when I was imitating him. He entered. There was silence. He quietly went and sat on one of the benches and asked,

“Do I really sound like that?”
The class went, “Yes, sir!!!”
He then said, “Go on then, Boman….. I’m fascinated!”
He laughed and laughed as only he could. Elegantly. And then he said, “Five more minutes and then back to Shakespeare!”
Hurrah we are St. Mary’s boys!
I wish all teachers A Happy Teacher’s Day!


From Penaz Masani, Ghazal Queen And Singer

Penaz Masani

On Teachers Day I remember my dedicated, gracious Principle of my alma mater, JB Vachha High School, Miss Nagarwala who showed me the light through the path of learning, imbibing in me the qualities of patience, honesty, discipline and hard work. May her soul rest in peace.

Happy Teacher’s Day Wishes

Parsi Times wishes all Teachers a Very Happy Teachers Day! On behalf of all of us – young and old – we thank all our teachers who helped make a difference to us and are in some direct or indirect way, responsible for the people we are today. PT is delighted to share some of the wishes sent in by our readers for their teachers…

Farah ZainabadiTo Farah Zainabadi from Rae and Tishaun Mistry:
“You take our hands, Open our minds & Touch our hearts to shape our future. Thank you so much for your love and patience. Happy Teachers Day!”




Hufriya DaruvalaTo Hoofriz BHoofriz Balsaraalsara from Hufriya Daruvala:
“We were lucky to have you as our teacher,
We’ve enjoyed every lesson you’ve taught.
As our role model you inspire us,
To dream and to work hard a lot.
You help us fill our potential,
We are thankful for all you’ve done.
We admire you each day and just want to say,
As a guide and a teacher you’re our number one!”

From Firoze Kotwal, IT Professional, USA
“There are two teachers who’ve been instrumental to my success. Bibhas Sarkar, my first ever boss, taught me how to think like a professional – he consistently challenged my way of thinking and taught me never to accept the first solution to a problem. And Indrajit Chatterjee – a very patient man, took the time to nurture, encourage, and gave me freedom to make mistakes, as without mistakes there is no progress.”

Mahnaz FaroodiZerxes DaruvalaTo Mahnaz Faroodi from Zerxes Daruvala
“An apple a day may keep the doctor away but what should I eat to make teachers like you always come my way!?”



To Mehroo Umrigar from Ruzbeh Umrigar, Navsari
Happy Teacher’s Day to ‘Mehroo Aunty’, as she’s popularly known, who taught at Navsari’s ‘Bai Dosibai Kotwal Parsi Boys Orphanage’ for 25 years! I have the good fortune of calling her my mother. Her sense of impartiality extended to all students, treating us all equally, ensuring that we all got imbibed the right values along with the right education.

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