Trustee Viraf Mehta Accuses Parsi Times And Ends Up With Foot In Mouth!

Inspite of Trustee Viraf Mehta’s uncivil tone and disrespectful and false accusations against Parsi Times and its Editor, in keeping with our commitment to ethical journalism, we have yet again decided to publish his mail, along with a response for the answers/information he seeks and needs to be made aware of. Parsi Times thanks BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai, who was also marked a copy of the mail by Viraf, and has chosen to provide the perfect response, based on the truth and precision.

BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai Responds To Trustee Viraf Mehta

Dear Viraf,

I had sent the communication to the Editor of the Parsi Times after talking to my colleagues, Zarir Bhathena and Noshir Dadrawala. You sweepingly state that, “Trustees, Munchi Cama, Armaity Tirandaz and I have not been made aware or even consulted upon before this false article was published.”

You have, of course, not bothered to clarify which specific statements are “false”! In fact, falsehood lies in your statements – especially since the Charity Commissioner, before whom Munchi’s resignation is still subjudice, has yet to decide if Munchi is still a Trustee! Truth is, that Munchi has not attended a single Board meeting since his resignation. That itself makes your statement about his being aware of this issue quite absurd, to say the least!

Also, why are you speaking on behalf of Trustee Armaity and why is your father, Dinshaw Mehta always so quick to make false statement to the media on behalf of the both of you? Have you or Armaity authorized Dinshaw to make such statements on your joint behalf?

You aver, “The facts published in the said article are blatantly wrong and that the CCTV footage will reveal who initiated physical misconduct and then we will let the community decide between the truth and what is stated in your paper.”

Well, what are you waiting for? With the help of your politically connected aunt and uncle, why don’t you obtain the footage and circulate it, as is your style – on WhatsApp and ‘JohBawa’ owned by your uncle Maneck? I sincerely believe that the CCTV footage will show your father and brother attacking Kersi Randeria, who’s the only person genuinely injured in this fracas, as borne out by the medical report. The constant reference made by you and your family to the CCTV footage makes me wonder as to what new Mehta deception lies behind such confident ascertions, as all the eye witnesses have supported Trustee Kersi’s statement.

Instead of wasting time on empty words and false footage bravado, let the community see and know the truth, just the way the community now knows the truth about your trying to cover up evidence in secret conclaves with Musharaf – both in audio and audio-visual form – which to date you have neither refuted nor even attempted to defend. Of course, that’s quite natural, you have a duty towards family and your priority is to protect your dad and not the BPP and its beneficiaries. You truly are a role model for our youth!

You state, “This can be argued on and on and I know I can rebut all the lies that have been written. But I will leave that for another time.”

Really, Viraf, as sweet and generous as that sounds, we are more inclined to believe that there is a dearth of facts and bankruptcy of creative argument where you are concerned! It is indeed a sad state of affairs that instead of putting forward facts, you rely on semantics and a play of words to cover up the deficiency of facts.
You have mentioned that “This statement has NOT been discussed at any Board meeting” and therefore should not have been referred to as a BPP statement.

Viraf, your immaturity and your lack of knowledge about the functioning of the BPP has prompted you to make this long-drawn rant about Board meetings and resolutions, etc.

This was a statement made by two senior BPP trustees and the Chairman, in solidarity with Trustee Randeria, primarily because he was asked to go to attend the hearing on behalf of the Trust through a resolution of the Board. The communication was sent to Parsi Times, and the Editor, rightly to my mind, took it to be a statement from the BPP. I would like to point out that the body of the statement specifically names 2 trustees and myself! Hence, talk of the forest in which you find yourself lost and not the tree!

Also, instead of admonishing the Editor and questioning her professionalism, it may be better for you to sharpen your own professional skills, especially in understanding your role and responsibilities as a Trustee. Your frequent retracting after being part of resolved decision, (sometimes after a few months) and mortgaging your discretionary powers to your father, who refuses to let go and thus being directly or indirectly involved in the whispering campaigns on WA groups. As a Trustee, such behavior is unacceptable and despicable, to say the least!

Finally, thanks for copying other Parsi Media houses, especially Uncle Maneck’s Joh Bawa, who has benefitted so much due to your father’s generosity at the cost of the Trust. I’m of course doubtful if my response will be carried by Joh Bawa. It’s yet an example of your “professionalism”!

Yazdi Desai




Mail Received From Trustee Viraf Mehta:

Hi Anahita,

I would like to bring to your attention an article posted on the Parsi Times website “” and as also carried on page 3 in your paper’s issue of Saturday 17th September 2016 under heading “BPP Issues Statement”. The facts mentioned in the article are completely untrue. I wish to state that as Trustees, Muncherji Cama, Armaity Tirandaz and I have not been made aware or even consulted upon before this false article was published.

For starters the facts published in the said article are blatantly wrong. The CCTV footage will reveal who initiated physical misconduct and then we will let the community decide between the truth and what is stated in your paper. I understand your difficulty in publishing fair and honest facts due to restraints you face, however to manipulate and lie to an entire community is simply disgraceful.

This can be argued on and on and I know I can rebut all the lies that has been written. But I will leave that for another time.

I am writing to you because as an Editor of a paper you are misleading the community with the title of the article. I have checked with our CEO, Mr. Cawas Panthaky on the knowledge of this BPP Press Statement, and he has recorded that he was not aware of any such statement being given.

This statement has NOT been discussed at any Board meeting, especially since NO board meeting has been held since the incident of Sept 8, nor is there a Board resolution passing this statement. A board statement can be issued by the BPP only if the same is discussed in a properly convened board meeting and Resolution passed accordingly. One cannot issue statements by sitting at home or anywhere else without officially convening a meeting.

At best, the above statement may be a statement of 3 Trustees of the BPP and nothing more and certainly not a BPP statement. Please also note that none of the three Trustees who have made the published statement were present during the incident and their account at best would be based on heresay.
As a Trustee, I am quite shocked at the brazen unprofessionalism being displayed by the Parsi Times and its editor. I fail to understand how the personal views of three Trustees tantamount to a statement passed by the BPP Board.

In light of the above, I request you to give a clarification on your website, Facebook page and in the next print edition to correct this error and not misguide our community.

Kind Regards,

Viraf Mehta
Trustee, BPP

PS.: I have Cc’d the other Parsi Media houses to please take note of the above error and if required, they can kindly correct the same too.

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