Voices Of The Community

Parsi Times provides readers a glimpse of the reactions from our community – received via email and social media – regarding the shameful physical attack (Page 1 news) that took place on Thursday, 8th September, 2016.

“Enough is enough. The culprits should be punished severely. If a Parsi marries outcast, the whole community will point figures at the couple, but if a Parsi is assaulting a BPP Trustee in public on road in Broad daylight, the community sits back and waits for the next move!”
– Jehangir Nagarwalla (excerpt from post on FB)

“I have always been proud to be a Parsi but this makes me cringe and ashamed. Dinshaw Mehta and his son should be banned from BPP activities.”
– Carol Daver 

“I genuinely believe the whole act was premeditated – it was the perfect execution of a pre-planned attack. It all falls in place as per the plan which was to once again use diversionary tactics to delay the court’s judgment. I was there throughout as an eye witness and I can vouch that this misdeed was planned to the tee! Hormuz Mehta was constantly provoking Kersi Randeria, saying unmentionable things about his family that would get any self-respecting man worked up and want to protect the honor of his family! Being a man of honor, Kersi Randeria also got riled and nudged him out of his way and exactly at that moment, Dinshaw Mehta was already in the ‘perfect position’ to attack Kersi from behind (the coward that he is), and he was already equipped with a stone in his hand, with which he started pelting Kersi on the head. How can you suddenly be in the right position with a stone out of nowhere in your hand? And when the police was summoned, suddenly a very animated Hormuz, who was up to now vigorously trying to beat up Kersi, decided to faint, out of the blue! He maintained his ‘fainting act’ all through the evening. The Mehtas are known for their dramatics – I was personally present during the earlier Mehta fiasco in Rustom Baug where he had an altercation with Jimmy Mistry – only that time it was Pansy Mehta (wife of Dinshaw Mehta) who had fainted! And earlier even Dinshaw Mehta himself had feigned ‘palpitations’ to escape consequences. Looks like the Mehtas have developed fainting into a fine art! I truly hope that this unacceptable contemptible act by them does not go unnoticed by the community and we all get down to setting the records of the atrocities of the Mehta clan straight, once and for all!”
– Filly Bhathena

“We have the greats of the community & then we have the disgraceful. Shame on Dinshaw & Hormuz Mehta. You have no idea how much damage has been caused by your actions!”
– Porus Sheriar 

“Disgraceful and shameful act. We are in the minority and everyday something about our community comes in the media. How do you face our colleagues when they ask us about our community?” – Hoshang Bhesania 

“Shocking. These guys to be arrested and severely punished. Pls ban the attackers from all Parsi activities and affairs henceforth as they have criminal intentions and are not to be entertained . Absolutely unacceptable.”
– Darius Moos

“The Mehta family is an Utter Disgrace to our lovely community.”
Binaifer Irani

“This most shameful incident has done greater harm to Mr. Dinshaw Mehta and his family. A great diplomat that he is, did he not realise the consequences of this cowardly act. The son instead of saving the situation acted foolishly and aggregated the cause. We had seen this past chairman lifting the chair in the boardroom to hit his opponent, but such insane behaviour in the court room will land him to a place he deserves to be in.”
Piroja Jokhi

“Such a wonderful and small community and Few emminent people doing this shamefull act…Such a disgrace”
– Viraf Sidhwa 

“Ban the Mehta Family from all BPP activities.”
– Delnaz Rummy Bhandari

“As a Parsi Zarthushtrian, I hang my head in shame”
– Yezdi Bastawala

“Let’s not wash our dirty linen in public and maintain the dignity of the community.”
– Dinaz Desai 

“We have all taken great pride as being a community for peace, honesty and charity. This act of brutality has shaken me! Please, dear humdins, let peace prevail at all times. Let this never happen again! May Ahura Mazda bless our beloved community with continued peace and harmony!”
– Perin Unwalla 

– Farah Gandhi 

“What a shame! Dinshaw Mehta and his son both belong in jail.”
– Jasmine Patel

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