Celebrating Salgrehs Of Our Atash Behrams And Agiaries

In addition to commemorating the birth anniversary of Gandhiji, 2nd October, 2016 held immense religious value for the Zoroastrian community in India, since the day (Roj Sarosh, Mah Mahino) witnessed the convergence of salgrehs of multiple Atash Behrams and Agiaries. PT Spl. Correspondent Delaveen Tarapore shares a compiled report of the same. Demystifying the reason why is this auspicious day celebrated as many salgrehs, Dr. Er. Ramiyar Karanjia said, “Among the seven Ameshaspands who look after seven different creations, Ardibahesht is the Ameshaspand who looks after fire. Ardibahesht Ameshaspand has three Hamkār (co-worker) Yazads – Adar, Sarosh and Behram, who are also connected with fire in one form or the other. Since Sarosh Yazad is also connected with prayers and the soul, it is more preferred as the roj for establishing Agiaries and Atash Behrams, which too are related with prayers and the evolution of the soul.”

Kappawalla Agiary’s 160th Salgreh
pg_06-07agaiary-1Seth Shapoorji Sohrabji Kappawalla Agiary also celebrated its 160th anniversary offering a 5 kgs Hama Anjuman Machi to the holy fire, followed by a Hama Anjuman Jasan led by Panthaky Er. Jamshed Dinshawji Bhesadia and performed by fifteen mobeds, attended by the Trustees and numerous Zoroastrian devotees. ‘Fareshta prayers’ were performed by a noble Zoroastrian and another jasan was performed in the evening. The Trustees thanked all the humdins and the helpers who decorated the agiary on this auspicious day.

agaiary-2Kolkata’s Zoroastrian Atash Adaran Celebrates 104th Salgreh

The Late Er. D B Mehta’s Zoroastrian Anjuman Atash Adaran situated at Metcalfe Street, Calcatta, celebrated its 104th Anniversary with a Hama Anjuman Jasan performed by 4 senior mobeds and a young 14 year old mobed in the morning. As a part of the celebrations, the Calcatta Parsi Anjuman felicitated a senior community member, as is the yearly practice, for their contribution to society. This year, Yasmin Kapadia was recognized for her honorary service and social work and for keeping the Calcutta Parsi Dramatic Society alive. A ‘Fala ni Mach’ was organized by the Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Calcutta, followed by a ghambar attended by over two hundred community members.

agaiary-3Sethna Agiary’s 220th Salgreh
Muncherji Bomanji Seth Fire Temple Trust (Sethna Agiary) celebrated its 220th anniversary with a ‘Fala ni Machi’ in the Havan Geh at 7 am, followed by a ‘Khushali nu Jasan’ at 9:30am. Chasni was distributed and savoured by all.




Devlali Agiary’s Centurion

On the auspicious completion of a 100 years, Deolali’s Bai Ratanbai J. Chinoy’s Dar-E-Meher witnessed a record turnout. Parsi Times Special Correspondent Hoshang K. Katrak and PT Reporter Hoshang Sethna report:

(l-r) Rohinton Buxy, President Sheriar Irani, Chief Guest, Maj Gen. Cyrus Pithawala, Guest of Honour, Ravindra singhal (Comm. Of Police, Nashik), Sherzad Patel, Nari Fitter and Farokh Godrej
(l-r) Rohinton Buxy, President Sheriar Irani, Chief Guest, Maj Gen. Cyrus Pithawala, Guest of Honour, Ravindra singhal (Comm. Of Police, Nashik), Sherzad Patel, Nari Fitter and Farokh Godrej

The celebrations commenced with a Jasan at 5:00pm as the rain gods went into overdrive. But the indomitable spirit of the over 400 devotees who attended the celebrations and gambhar dinner later, and the untiring efforts of the trustees and the managing committee, with President Sheriar Irani at the helm, ultimately prevailed. The celebrations actually commenced from 25th September with a Rangoli competition (winner Shanaz Godrej). On 1st October, Yazdi Karanjia’s group from Surat staged a farcical comedy ‘Kutra ni Puchchdi Vanki’ at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nasik. This was preceded by a ‘Gaara’ competition, with the local Zoroastrian ladies showcasing their Chinese-brocaded and embroidered heirlooms (probably the only time we Indians and Parsees are proud of the Made in China tag). It was won by Mrs. Farzin Kapadia. The prayer competition, held on 2ndmorning in two different age groups, was won by Aliza Dumasia and Maneksha Maney.

agaiary-4jpgThe jasan at 5pm conducted by the newly inducted Panthaky Er. Marazban Pavri, was followed by an invigorating talk by Er. Darayesh Katrak on the ‘Power of Prayer’. Mr. Firdaus Kapadia, Secretary and Trustee of the Deolali – Nasik Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman, then introduced and felicitated the Chief Guest, Maj. Gen. Cyrus Pithawala (retd)., an Ashoka Chakra awardee and recipient of numerous gallantry awards. The Guest of Honour was the Commissioner of Police, Nasik– Mr. Ravindra Singhal IPS, who spoke of the miniscule community’s contribution to the nation in general and to Nasik / Deolali in particular. After Trustee Rohinton Buxy’s vote of thanks, Er.Nariman Dalal’s sit -down gambhar dinner concluded the festivities.




Trustee Nadir A. Modi and Farokh K. Kavarana

Wadia Atash Behram Celebrates 187th Salgreh!
Seth Hormasji Bomanjee Wadia Atash Behram, Dhobi Talao celebrated its 187th salgreh with a ‘Havan Geh Machi’ by the trustees followed by a jasan and humbandagi led by the boiwallas. Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Vada Dasturji Firoze Kotwal, Dr. Er. Pervez Bajan attended the function and were felicitated by Trustees, Er. Nadir A. Modi and Farokh K. Kavarana. Another jasan was performed in the evening at 5pm and was attended by Er. Aspandiagaiary-5-1jpgar Dadachanji, Trustees and other mobeds. Innumerable community members visited the Atash Behram throughout the day.

The Atash Behram’s ‘Adarian’ celebrated its 211st anniversary on 5th October, 2016 (Ardidehesht Mah, Behram Roj).



agaiary-6-1jpgNavsari Atash Behram Celebrates 251st Salgreh!

Navsari Atash Behram celebrates its 251st anniversary this year, amidst a large gathering in Navsari, just like its last year, 250th celebration, wherein around two thousand Zoroastrians visited Navsari and payed their tribute to the holy fire from across India and the world.

agaiary-6-jpgThe celebrations commenced with a ‘Hum Anjuman Machi’ in the morning, and a ‘Jasan’ thereafter. Mr and Mrs Khurshed Desai, the local mobeds, Khurshed Faramroj Desai and Homi Edulji Antya, to name a few, organised a Humbandagi. The gathering further resolved to organize a monthly Humbandagi at the old Vadi Daramaher. The Humbandagi was followed by the singing of the Monajats, led by Jaru Desai, Minocher Homji, Cyrus Vandrevala and Aspi Ambapardivala, and concluded with a jasan ceremony.

agaiary-71jpgUnique 194th Salgreh At Surat’s D N Modi Shehenshahi Atash Behram

The D N Modi Shehenshahi Atash Behram, Surat celebrated its 194th anniversary, commencing uniquely with a Havan Geh’s ‘Hama Anjuman ni Machi’ of 21 kgs at 6:50am, followed by a traditional Iranian procession of around nearly three hundered Parsis taking to streets with the ‘Kavya Ni Flag’. Taking off from the Atash Behram at 7:15am, the flag passed by all nearby Parsi localities, with innumerable Zoroastrians offering garlands, flowers and even performing the ‘ses nu ovarvanu’ near their houses. The flag reached the Atash Behram back at 9:10 am and was hoisted at the balcony of the Atashbehram for the whole day.

Hoisting of the ‘Kavya Ni Flag’at the Surat Atash Behram Balcony

A Hama Anjuman, Jasan took place at 9:30am, led by Vada Dasturji of Surat, Cyrus Noshirwan Dastoor and performed by around 40 mobeds. A religious function followed in the evening with Er. Darius Bajan delivering a speech on ‘Zarthost Saheb No Yazadi Darajo’, organized by Athornan Mandal and Pragati Mandal. Two hundred people attended the function, which also witnessed the release of the book, ‘Bundagi No Guldasto’ by Rusi Bhesania and Yasmin Dotivala. A jasan was again performed at 7pm, organized by Athornan Mandal, followed by dinner at Atia Dharamshala.

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