Film Review: FUDDU

The trend of last-minute insertion of an item song — by saleable artistes — during the end credits is a fairly new phenomenon. In Fuddu, the filmmakers need not have bothered with Sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi.
The opening shot of the film gives the viewers a hint of the ensuing couple of hours. 44 years after the acclaimed director Basu Chatterjee directed his second film, and his first comedy ‘Piya Ka Ghar’, on the travails of a newly-married young couple trying to adjust to the privations of living with an extended joint family in a single tenement, Sunil Subramani, directing his first feature film, comes up with an honest, straightforward attempt on similar lines.

Mohan Mishra (Shubham) comes from Banaras to Mumbai in search of a job. Being new to the city and for want of an abode, he’s forced to live with his elder brothers and their families in a single room. An addition results when Shubham is wedded to Shalini (Swati Kapoor). A marital misunderstanding causes Shalini to depart for her parents’ home.

Even at under two hours, the film could have been scripted a bit tighter. Also, a couple of bloopers such as vehicles entering the Kalbadevi Post Office lane (opposite the Anjuman Atash Behram) and exiting at Marine Drive near the flyover could, I guess, be pardoned. Director Subramani is able to extract decent performances from his cast. While Swati gets barely a few lines to mouth, Shubham shows promise. Khurshed Lawyer (Swami of ‘Munnabhia MBBS’) as the office boss egging on his staff, is brilliant.

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