On 1st October, 2016, Irani Zoroastrians across the globe celebrate the festival of ‘Mehrgan’ (Meher roj, Meher mah), which honours the ‘Yazata of Mehr’ since the Persian era. In ancient Iran, celebrations were held when the name of the month coincides with the name of the day. The word ‘Meher’ or ‘Mithra’ means Sun and friendship and is also one of the names of Aryan Gods. Mithra, in the time of Lord Zarathustra, was regarded as Guardian Angel of righteousness and truthfulness and light – good. It was considered the destroyer of darkness and evil. The sixteenth day of every month is named after Archangel Meher. Meher roj and Meher month is specially celebrated by Iranians from ancient times and is known as ‘Mehergan’.

 It is said that on this day King Faredoon triumphed over Zohak and imprisoned him in Damavand mountain, thus, freeing the people from the tyranny and oppression of Zohak and establishing the power of good over evil. The Sassanian Kings celebrated the festival of Mehrgan with great pomp with the king wearing a special crown engraved with the image of the sun in its full brilliance and addressed his subjects, indicating that he represents justice, peace and prosperity of his people.  The king bestowed awards on persons who had served in welfare of his kingdom and done deeds of valour, bestowing them with titles such as Farzana, Mullah and Mirza.


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