Know Your Bombay!

Parsi Times is delighted to start a new column dedicated to sharing interesting facts about the largest hub of Parsis – Bombay! Ever wonder why and how the various streets and places in Bombay got their names? As India breathed free from the British Raj, the new governments started changing the erstwhile British names to local ones. Explore your city’s amusing history with PT’s ‘Know Your Bombay’, with research and inputs by Karan Mehta.

Bori Bunder:
“Bori Bunder was constructed in 1852 before which date it was a small landing place for boats greatly obstructed by rocks and shoals, which were in that year blasted and a capacious Bunder with large accommodation for passengers and goods erected When the G. I. P. Railway was being constructed, all the rails and machinery from England landed at the Bunder which is in the vicinity of its terminus and the Railway station, first built in 1853, was called Bori Bunder Station until 1887 when it was replaced by the pre- sent large and handsome building, and got its name of Victoria Terminus from the fact that it was opened in the year of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria.”

Altamount Road:
Recently rated as the ‘Tenth Most Affluent Street in the World’, Altamount Road is named after Colonel Altamount who served the Nawab of Lucknow. He owned a bungalow on this road.


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