Your Monthly Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (Lucky number: 11): Legal matters will get sorted out. Justice is on the cards. Don’t take hasty decisions. Search for the right path to reach your destination. Believe in yourself, even if you feel no one understands you. A good month especially for ladies.

February (Lucky number: 17): Health will be good. The healing has started for your physical problems. You will be able to manage your expenses, though there would be little or no saving this month. Travel is on the cards. Best time to start new partnerships.

March (Lucky number: 1): Clear your confusion and plan out the project. Advised to drink water in silver glass for this month. Every stressful situation is followed by the rainbow of happiness, so relax and move on. Emotional stability is must. There will be magical support from the universe, you just need to accept it.

April (Lucky number: 21): Take the world in your stride. Travel abroad is indicated. Students can go abroad for higher education. Master the art of drawing a fine line between a loyal and a disloyal person. Take care of your health.

May (Lucky number: 6): This is a month for parties, get-togethers and celebrations! Enjoy to the fullest. Best time for searching a life partner. Swift travel is indicated. Follow your intuition and move on. Health will be fine.

June (Lucky number: 10): Follow your ideas. A little compromise will bring you mental peace and happiness. This is a temporary karmic phase – As you sow, so shall you reap. A small act of kindness and charity waives off our negative karma. Advised to bathe with rock salt.

July (Lucky number: 8): Self-confidence is the key to success. Take care of your back pain. Emotional support is available. Everything will get balanced automatically. Relax and leave your worries to the universe.

August (Lucky number:2): Time to come out of your loneliness, accept new emotional support and move on. Enjoy the things you’re blessed with, rather than cribbing for what you don’t have. Be happy. A favourable time to buy or renovate property.

September (Lucky number: 4): Health is good. Don’t ignore yourself while others happy. Take expert advice before finalising important issues. This is a learning phase of your life. Share your problems with an elderly person with whom you share a good rapport.

October (Lucky number: 19): Beware of back stabbers. Don’t trust anyone blindly. You’re advised to keep a black trimuline with you to protect your aura. A change is for betterment. A bright sunny future full of and prosperity awaits you.

November (Lucky number: 5): Learn to shoulder your responsibilities. Situation don’t change by turning your back on them. Take care of your health. Best time for students born in November. There will be financial stability. You are blessed by your spiritual guru.

December (Lucky number: 3): Love is in the air. You will spend good time with happiness, love, laughter, peace and contentment with family. Ladies born in December are going to have a splendid month. Sound sleep is necessary for good health.

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