Art Competition At Panthaki Baug

09-panthaki-baug-2Panthaki Baug Welfare Committee organised a series of art based competitions on 13th November, 2016. Behroz Dumasia won the first place in ‘Free-hand Rangoli’, followed by Monaz Siganporia while Delnaz Batliwalla won ‘Stencil Rangoli’ followed by Farzana Moghul. ‘Diya Decorating’ had a blend of all age groups but Pakzaad Daruwalla won the competition with Beroz Dumasia and Delnaz Batliwalla following up. The ‘Drawing Competition’, open for children upto twelve years under three age categories had winners including Zaina Dumasia, Meher Kelawala, Zyan Gandhi, Aisha Lath, Kayan Guard and Atishta Wadia. Winners were awarded jute bags made by an NGO for special needs. The event owed it success to organisers Freny Siganporia, Mani Elavia, Zarin Jesia and judges Renu Khodaiji and Veera Wadia.

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