Celebrating Parsi-Cricketing History – The 1886 Trophy

Cricket lovers are geared and excited to be a part of ‘The 1886 Trophy’, taking pride in its very heritage where it all began. PT Sports Reporter Binaisha M. Surti brings you a preview of all the exciting action to come!

parsicricketinghist_1The Parsis were the earliest local community in India to take to cricket and have played the game since 1840! Soon, ‘Parsee Gymkhana’ (PG) was established in 1885 and came to be regarded as the world headquarters of Parsi Cricket. The first cricket team from India to have toured England in 1886, consisted of all eleven Parsi members! To recreate and celebrate such a legacy, ‘The 1886 Trophy 2016’ will be played between Parsee Gymkhana and British Business X1, in a thrilling contest on 12th November, 2016 at the PG Grounds from 8:30 am, followed by the presentation ceremony. Sponsored by Spenta, HSBC and Glenfedich, this grand cricketing event will be attended by personalities across the Parsi community, renowned ex-cricketers and ex-Parsee Cricketers.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Khodadad Yazdegardi, Vice President and Cricket Secretary of Parsee Gymkhana said, “I had a meeting with Matt Greenwell of British Business Group, and with everything falling into place, the cricket tournament ‘The 1886 Trophy 2016’ was born. It’s nostalgic recreating the whole scenario of the golden days of the sport. We want this generation to remember this occasion for a long time.”

Matt Greenwell, Managing Committee member of the British Business Group in India said, “I’m a fan of Indian history and extremely passionate about cricket. I’ll be playing on 12th November as a team of British businessmen. I’ve had a special bat made for the occasion!”

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