Dressing Up OUR Bawas With Kaizad

You would be one amongst many wondering how to look dashing and dress your best for the oncoming Lagan/Navjote season! I’m proud to be recognised as the ‘Parsi Dagli Maker’ for our Community, but my expertise lies in customized designing, tailoring and styling suits and formal wear for men. My suits have been very well received in the European markets for over 7 years now, with an ever increasing demand.

kaizad_1Every start of the Lagan and festive season, I’m asked by my dear clients, friends and family, “What about us – the remaining 95% majority who have to attend numerous Lagans and Navjotes and other festivities as the guests? How do we get styled without needing to wear different outfits for each occasion?” This is something I believe plays on all our minds. Here’s my take and I hope it helps the lovely readers of Parsi Times…

Simply put, for Lagans (marriages), generally the dress code comprises a suit i.e. the Jacket Shirt and Trouser; and for Navjotes, one could opt for a Nehru Jacket, smartly styled waistcoat, shirt and formal trousers or a well fitted new pair of Denim indigo color jeans or any dark colour shades.

kaizad_2I’d like to share with you the magic of how accessories and shoes can make you stand out! Here are a few style hacks where you get away with repeating the ‘same suit’ or ‘Nehru Jacket’ but still looking different than the last time you wore it! However, having only one suit or Nehru jacket for the entire Lagan / Navjote season is not advisable. Having minimum 2 – 3 suits, 2 Nehru Jackets or 1 uniquely styled waistcoat will be ideal to get you through the entire wedding Season in great style.

Style Hacks is all about mixing and NOT matching your Accessories. For these style hacks to work, the basic rule is that your suit & your Nehru Jacket needs to be in a Dark Shade i.e. – Navy Blue, Charcoal or Black or Royal Navy Blue. If the suit or the Nehru jacket is in a light shade like a beige, no doubt it will look neat but due to its light shade its easily noticeable and hence has limited versatility.

   Now mixing the below accessories can make your Suit look different for every occasion.

kaizad_31) Pocket Square: A suit without a Pocket square make your suits look bare. Simply changing your pocket square will add a new flavor vide to your appearance. Learning to fold your pocket square in 3 different ways will only add more character to your personality.
Tip – Don’t match your pocket square with your tie.

2) Adding a flower to your Jacket Lapel Hole: That’s one of the best ways to stand out without investing in an expensive suit. Red, pink or white carnation should do the trick.
Tip – Avoid artificial flowers or any lapel accessories that have to be pinned as that ruins the suit fabric over time.

3) Tie: Investing in good quality ties will add class to your personality. A tie worn right will be your show stopper. Ensure that your tie contrast is more striking  than your shirt shade.
Tip – Using a Tie Clip is chic.

4) Cufflinks: Consider wearing a shirt with cufflinks – this adds an extra flair to your attire.
Tip – If you are planning on wearing a shirt without a jacket then wearing cufflinks is a smart option.

5) Men Chains, Watches, Rings & Belt Buckles: The only accessories that we should match with regard to metal i.e. if you wearing a gold watch ensure the other metal accessories are all in the same shade. Mixing metals accessories is not advisable.

6) Shoes: For most, the first pair of leather shoes is black and our second option is brown. Consider investing in Ox-blood coloured formal leather shoes – they’re extremely versatile and will suit every shade in your wardrobe. It’s a great second option.
Tip – Leather shoes should always have shoe laces.

7) Shoe Laces: Simply changing your shoe lace with unique colour from tan, orange rust and electric blue on your leather shoes give an impression that you are wearing a different pair of shoes – it’s a great style hack to implement.
Tip – Check out Amazon.com – you get great deals for men’s formal shoe laces.




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