Lagan Ma Magan

On 12th Nov, 2016, Dr. Mickey Mehta, the leading health and relationship expert, held the ‘Lagan Ma Magan’ workshop for to-be-weds, with the aim of empowering them with the knowledge and emotional intelligence needed to secure a healthy and happy marriage, in every sense of the word.

So, what is marriage and how can one keep it healthy and loving? Dr. Mehta said, “Marriage is a sacred institute. There is no place for ego in a marriage – don’t react to misunderstandings and be the first to apologise. Practice being a giving person and understand that compromise is important. Treat each other’s parents as your own, treat them as your parents, not in-laws. Respect age and avoid gossip or back-biting within the family and don’t create distance between yourself and your in-laws. Expenses should be shared as per mutual understanding, especially if the financial statuses are not equal. Career freedom should be practiced. Feed each other with love. Exercise daily together for at least 15 minutes. Go out and enjoy movies and dinners regularly. Keep your dinner light and try to have dinner early – by 7:30 pm, so you can sleep early.”

A question asked by one of the couples was how does one cope with the generation gap? Dr. Mehta answered saying that one should communicate more and discuss points in detail with your in-laws. Also, respect the opposite person’s opinion so you can put your point in place. Another asked what is a good and perfect intimacy? “When human beings get intimate, it is about understanding love. In intimacy, love is worship. Here the ego and anger reduces and is replaced by caring for each other. It is always a good idea to communicate one’s emotional and sexual preferences with each other,” answered Dr. Mehta.

Other Tips Included:

  • Avoid processed food. Let the kitchen be stocked up with healthy food, with each meal comprising 60% of green leafy salad.
  • Plan your finances ahead of time and avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • Ensure a healthy pregnancy by eating healthy food. Laugh and be happy during your pregnancy. Consume a lot of vegetarian food.
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