Are You Ready To Tie The Knot?

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life. Some criteria that lead to a happy marriage include knowing when you’re ready, and having a good understanding of yourself, your expectations and your partner. Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge with your partner? Take this Quiz (preferably along with your partner) and honestly tick on Y (Yes) and N (No) answers to find out the results!

  1. The concept of being together with one person for the rest of your life – is it more exciting than scary?     (Y / N)
  2. Do you believe there should not be any secrets or white lies between a married couple?     (Y / N)
  3. Are you an organized person?     (Y / N)
  4. Do you value friendship/companionship over attraction/fun in a relationship?     (Y / N)
  5. Do you believe you’ve had enough courting time with your partner?     (Y / N)
  6. Does your family take to your partner?     (Y / N)
  7. When you end up with a good chunk of extra money, do you want to splurge it with or on your partner?     (Y / N)
  8. Are you certain your partner would never cheat on you?
  9. Do you believe that marriage is a cure for loneliness?     (Y / N)
  10. Do you respect each other’s privacy (eg. Not going through each other’s phones, mails and other back-checks)?     (Y / N)
  11. Are you open to being accountable about your time and money?     (Y / N)
  12. Are you financially independent?     (Y / N)
  13. Do you and your partner share similar goals and dreams?     (Y / N)
  14. Do you feel if you got married, you’d be missing out on other opportunities?     (Y / N)
  15. Do you feel that the onus of ‘making things right’ depends equally on both of you in your relationship?     (Y / N)
  16. Do you freely discuss emotional and sexual intimacy with each other?     (Y / N)
  17. Are you certain you would never cheat on your partner?     (Y / N)
  18. Do your friends really take to your partner?     (Y / N)
  19. Do you respect each other’s religious beliefs?     (Y / N)
  20. Are you ‘settling for’ marriage with your partner either because you’ve come of age or the person of your preference isn’t available?     (Y / N)
  21. Are you both on the same page when it comes to having children/pets?     (Y / N)
  22. Would you marry you?     (Y / N)
  23. Do you feel the need to lie about any aspect(s) about your partner to your friends so he/she could come out looking better?     (Y / N)
  24. Do you get each other’s jokes?     (Y / N)
  25. Do you handle criticism well and make corrective changes where needed?     (Y / N)
  26. Do you believe that marriages/relationships need constant nurturing?     (Y / N)
  27. Would you rather sort out any issues before tying the knot as opposed to being hopeful that your marriage will sort things out?     (Y / N)


Results: Add up the number of ‘Y’s that you have ticked. If you have scored:

Over 22 Ys: You are absolutely ready for marriage – the perfect contender! And you’re going to have a fun and happy married life with very few hiccups! You seem quite sorted and your partner is one lucky man/woman to have you as their life-long companion! You would do complete justice to the phrase ‘better’ half!

Between 12 and 21 Ys: You’re there but not completely. You need to introspect some and figure out with honesty if you’re really up for the marriage. Maybe it’s not the right time yet or maybe you need to re-evaluate your compatibility and expectations with your partner. Discuss things openly with your partner before tying the knot to avoid potential disaster.

11 Ys and Under: Nope – you’re definitely not there yet! And that’s ok! Ask yourself why you wish to get married and then gauge if those are the right reasons to get into a lifelong commitment. You need to spend more time by yourself as well as with your partner, before you decide to take the plunge.

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