‘In Search Of My God’ – Excerpts

Parsi Times shares excerpts from one of the all-time-classics – ‘In Search Of My God’ – which celebrates Zoroastrian history, religion, culture and the spirit of Zoroastrianism. What better way to rediscover the splendor of our great religion than by enriching our comprehension of our glorious roots and exploring the brilliance of the greatest of all religions… by the grace of Ahura Mazda!

First Was The Word – ‘Ahuna’ (Part – II)

He, therefore by divine inclination caused the birth of Spitama Zarathushtra in this great wilderness, to bring His people to a true realisation of the Unity of God and His Greatness. Long before Zarathushtra was born to this land, his arrival was proclaimed in the sky by visions of his Fravashi. Again and again, the heavens made this known in different supernatural ways. Then at the moment of his nativity, his mother’s home was enveloped in a brilliant halo of divine light, while gloom filled the forest and wilderness where the demons and sorcerers roamed, and a strange wailing and moaning rustled through the trees.

The parents of Zarathushtra were Pourshaspa and Doghdhova. When Doghdhova was first with child, she began having strange and frightening dreams. A dark mist seemed to cover her home and fierce animals and vicious reptiles poured forth to destroy the life within her. Her terror was great, but before her nightmare could do her harm, a voice within calmed her, whispering, “I am of the Lord and He is my Saviour.” Even as the words assured her, the dark mist was pierced by a mountain and a flaming angel strode forth with a wand in one hand and a book in the other. He threw the book at the reptiles and scattered them, then he threw the wand at the tiger, the panther and the wolf, and they dropped dead. Slowly, the Archangel Sraosha soothed her to sleep, telling her, “The Lord looks after His own, and your son will come with Divine Grace to save this world. He will become the Prophet Zarathushtra of the Lord and bring peace and happiness to the land.”

Zarathushtra was born in the town of Rae on the river Darji in the province of Azarbaezan, on Kurdad, the sixth day of the month of Farvardin 3000 BC. The babe smiled at his birth, and the onlooking parents were filled with great love and hope for the future. Knowing the child’s destiny, they named him Zarathushtra of the Spitama family— Spitama Zarathushtra (He of the Golden Light).

Darasarum was the chieftain of this land and, unknown to many, was a sorcerer with an evil following. Zarathushtra’s birth struck terror in the hearts of this evil band and so their campaign to murder the child began. They stole the babe and put him in the path of stampeding cattle. But an angel whispered softly in the ears of a cow and she stood firm over the little one and thus saved its life. At another time, he was put into a wolves’ den after the cubs were slain, yet no harm came to him. Even when the child Zarathushtra was thrown onto a bundle of burning faggots, the flames died down and the faggots became a bed of roses. Finally, in desperation, Darasarum tried to stab the child to death, but his fingers became stiff, the dagger fell from his hand, and for the rest of his life he lost the use of his arms.

At the age of 15, in keeping with the Ahuryan faith, he was invested with the sacred Kusti. From then on he took active part in the religious life of the community and learnt all the different mysteries of the faith. Having learnt all he could from the elders, he observed their problems and troubles. He now felt the need for deeper meditation and inner contemplation to spread peace and happiness in his land. Without word or warning, he disappeared from his home and wandered into the wilderness, up into the hidden heights of the mighty Elbruz Mountains to converse with his Divine Lord and Master. There he spent 10 solitary years in prayer and contemplation, calling on Ahura Mazda for His help and guidance.

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