St. Mary’s Art For A Cause

‘Art knows no boundaries or age limits’ was aptly demonstrated at St Mary’s School’s art exhibition ‘Dreamatorium’ held at Cymroza Art Gallery, where students showcased their creativity. The variety of the displayed artwork was astounding with paintings covering several genres and artistic styles, ranging from figurative to abstract and nature to architecture. The masterly control of colour, the intelligent use of space in the compositions and use of textural elements makes it difficult to keep in mind that these are the works of young boys, guided by art teacher Ravindranath, who believes that art enables students to express themselves and builds confidence. To be exact, seven school students participated, including Pezan Hiramanek who did our community proud.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Mumbai Police Commissioner Dattatray Padsalgikar, who appreciated the works of the boys and gave them a patient hearing as they explained the thought processes behind the works of art. Speaking on how art was a de-stressor for the police force as also a medium to reform criminals, he said, “Art is definitely something that de-stresses us all. There are good sketch artists, portrait artists and photographers. When we speak of art as a way of reforming people, if they have the talent and can express themselves and if that helps to wean them away from any other undesirable activity, it is definitely to be encouraged. I am an admirer and connoisseur of art and my personal favorites are the 19th century impressionists.”
The proceeds from the exhibition will go towards supporting the good work done by the Vedant Welfare Foundation, a registered NGO.

Visit and Witness: “DREAMATORIUM” Group exhibition by students of St. Mary’s ICSE School

Address: Cymroza Art Gallery, Breach Candy

Dates: 22nd – 27th November 2016

Timing: 11 am to 7 pm

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