The Queen Of Fun Times: Maharukh Dadachanji!

Good music in lagans and navjotes is a given. However, it is a good host behind the mic that brings the function to life! And come November, marking the onset of the lagan-navjote season, there is no one in greater demand than Maharukh Dadachanji as the number one hostess for ensuring that your party rocks! Immaterial of the occasion or venue, she adds the zing to your celebrations in her inimitable style which is a fabulous combination of dynamism, humor, energy and charisma! PT catches up with the Queen of Fun Times and founder of the famous 25-year old ‘Valentine Audio’, Maharukh, who shares the pulse and the beat of this festive season!


maharukh-aValentine Audio was founded almost 25 years back. During those times, live bands were in vogue.  All those who loved music and dancing opted for live bands. Those not particular about live music opted for ‘taped music’ (or music played on the now redundant ‘cassettes’).

Usually the taped music would play softly in the background, and was never a prominent feature in any function. When I started Valentine Audio, initially we followed the ‘quiet music’ suit too. Then we realized that live bands were getting increasingly difficult to afford and people were seeking an alternative comprising the fun of a live band but at an extremely attractive cost. Valentine Audio became that alternative! We started professionally compering, interacting with the crowd, getting them onto the dance floor, playing foot tapping dance music, for all to enjoy – and becoming the most popular ‘taped-music-walas’ who ensured a high fun factor in wedding/navjote functions.

For us, music was never a business proposition – it’s always been a passion.  Farokh is the technical genius with an excellent ear for music – a perfectionist who ensures that our clients get the best quality via our equipment which produces the best digital music. I became the face of Valentine Audio as I was the lively character as I do a good job getting people to come on the dance floor and have a great time.

Today, good and latest music is easy to get. So then, why the demand for Valentine Audio? It’s because we don’t just ensure good music – we ensure fun memories for a lifetime on some of the most precious occasions of our clients! We are probably the only one who play to the hearts of our clients by understanding not just their music preferences but also their personalities and other minute details to ensure that the occasion goes exactly the way they envisioned it. We interact with all the guests and keep a comprehensive library of music tracks available to ensure that no matter what the guests wish to hear – we give them their favorite brand of music – including old and new Bollywood and English tracks or various dance styles like salsa or waltz or jive! We are a brand that’s known to put the ‘FUN’ in any ‘FUNction’! In fact, our hit rate of new clients is nearly a 100% based on recommendations from clients we have worked with!

Exclusive Offer For All PARSI TIMES Readers: Valentine Audio offers a 10% discount on all functions booked in November and December, 2016. (provide a cutting of this article).


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