‘Top Storey’ By Chikita Café!

Adding the festive twist to the legendary Chikita Cafe, owner and food enthusiast, Merwan Jamshedian, now offers delightful changes in both – the menu and the venue – to accommodate the changing needs and preferences of consumers in the oncoming Lagan and party season. “There’s been a change in people’s preferences with regard to both – food and invite-list! These days the trend for menus shows a preference for numerous starters served through the party, as compared to main dishes. And the invite list has become more condensed, with only close friends invited to share intimate moments like birthdays, anniversaries or those much in demand in this marriage season – like bachelor or hen parties. Chikita’s ‘Top Storey’ offers ‘Customized Menu and Venue Solutions’ for all!” Says Merwan.

Revamped perfectly to host parties for all occasions, Chikita’s ‘Top Story’ can accommodate upto 25 people, along with professional music and décor for a truly fun experience. Chikita also prepares a customized menu, with special additional fare, providing the preferred snacks, main course, drinks, and a whole list of health-conscious foods for those who don’t wish to deviate too much from their diet-path! Recommended is the Jumbo Barbeque fish fillet burger, chicken sali boti wrap, hummus platter for vegans, whole wheat pasta, all-new chicken mayo sandwich in multi-grain bread and an array of homemade desserts including dark chocolate mousse and caramel custard.


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