2017: In High Spirits!

Highly acclaimed healer and Tarot Master, Kashmira Shaw Raj helps readers figure out how to gift themselves positive resolutions for 2017 that will keep you in high spirits through the New Year.

2016 is ending and as you ready yourself to welcome the New Year, take a moment to think about how this year has been for you. What you have gained or lost? What have you learnt? Before New Year kicks in, we start making resolutions, which seem necessary and doable most of the time whilst framing them. However, once it’s time to see them through, we often back out, avoid them or just adopt selective amnesia!

This time think twice. Think of positive resolutions that affect you first at an emotional and then at a mental level. When motivation originates in the mind, it will touch you at a physical level. For example, if you decide to become thin, exercising may be difficult. But if your goal is to be healthy and lose weight in the process, the purpose behind the exercise will change. Set goals that can be achieved in baby steps, that make you feel fantastic from within, as against feeling guilty and miserable at not following yet another resolution!

Harness your energy to see your resolutions through. When you look at things from the energy point of view, it looks different. Start by choosing things that make you happy. Sometimes, understanding yourself is tougher than figuring out your goals! Let your external success – like career or health or relationship or financial goals – be the result of how you tune your energy on the inside.

Try a different kind of goal-setting technique for 2017. Think of a goal such as being honest to yourself. Drop all pretenses. The moment the pretenses cease, everything changes. Changes within are reflected outside. Just be you. We have forgotten to be ourselves due to multiple reasons. We play so many roles in multiple capacities that the real person gets lost! Bring out that real you from under the pile. When you are true to yourself, you will connect with others at a deeper level. Yes, some old bonds may break and some new ones will develop, but that’s life. Be happy to have gotten in touch with the real you – something you lost sight of due to the many facades you were wasting your energy on… facades you were maintaining for the sake of people who barely care for you, because the people who really care, will do so unconditionally.

Try another resolution – that you will only say things you mean. So much of our energy is wasted in meaningless chatter. In parties, people speak to each other like they’re best buddies, but turn around and they curse them! Why lose precious time and energy on this? Avoid being part of situations that consume your energy negatively. Gossip is never advantageous to anyone. Rather than trying ‘fit in’ with the negativity, work on yourself and only hear and speak about things that are positive and that you mean, respectively. That is a great start. Gradually over a period of time this energy that you have invested in yourself will bear fruit and you will no longer need the approval of others. Complete honesty will then come effortlessly and naturally. And there will be no unnecessary dissipation of your energy.

How about asking for good health? Good health starts with being in a healthy mental space. If we are clear about where to go in life and mature enough to deal with any stressful situation in a relaxed and logical manner, we will be more in control of what is happening around us. Start by taking charge of your life. When you take charge, you take the onus of whatever happens to you and will naturally gravitate towards situations that improve your life overall.

You know what would make a fab New Year’s gift to yourself? The gift of courage! Take the plunge with faith and without fear, in what needs to be done. Sometimes too much thinking kills the moment, so just go ahead and do what needs to be done.

And most importantly, resolve to say NO. Don’t let your mouth say yes if your head and heart are saying no! Be assertive. Say what you mean. When your heart and mind work in tandem, nothing can shake your belief. Some of my resolutions for 2017 include Reaching out to more people whom I can help; Increasing my energy levels further to assist in healing; Sending the energy of love and good faith around; Believing in myself; and most importantly, Letting no one, apart from me, decide my journey for me. What are yours?

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