The Aura Around Us

Of all the branches of occult sciences, the most interesting is the study of aura. Speaking concisely, the aura is a subtle, magnetic emanation generated by the etheric and other forces of the being or object with which it is connected. Everything in nature generates its own aura, atmosphere or magnetism. The fact is equally true of all living organisms – from the lowest to the highest conscious entity.

To illustrate this point, consider the common magnet. Around its poles there exists a sphere of influence known as the magnetic field through which pass lines of force between poles. The existence of this field is known by the influence of the magnet upon iron filings which when placed at random on a sheet of paper will respond to the magnet, held beneath them without contact, following the motions of the magnet. Polarised by the magnet, these iron filings become temporarily imbued with magnetic power. Movement of electrical circuit across these lines of magnetic force converts the motion into power, and this power may be transformed into light, heat or other forms of energy. This phenomenon is known as induction.

In the human organism there are forces analogous to, if not identical with, the forces of electricity and magnetism. Every human possesses an electro-magnetic field, or the ‘aura’, which radiates from each individual, as solar rays emanate from the sun. The human aura partakes of the essential qualities of the etheric, the astral, the mental and the spiritual forces of the individual. Every human being creates his own magnetic atmosphere which unfailingly reveals the temperament, disposition, character and the condition of health.

Is there any scientific proof about the existence of the human aura? Yes, its existence is evidenced in various ways. For example, when charged with high potential electricity, the aura becomes electrified and if an argon-filled or neon lamp is brought within the ‘sphere of influence’, it lights up. The illumination occurs within a boundary which is variable around the body but there is a definite line of demarcation. It may vary from a few inches to a few feet in various cases. In this way a definite mapping of an individual’s aura is possible.

Thus auric emanation has been long known to occult scientists under a variety of names, like ‘magnetism’ of Mesmer; ‘electric fluid’ of Jussieu, ‘odylic flames’ of Reichenbach, the ‘exteriorised sensibility of the Rochas, and the ‘vital rays’ of Dr. Baraduc. The researches of these scientific men prove conclusively that all bodies, whether animate or inanimate, emit a subtle radiation. Special sensitiveness is, of course, required to detect subtle forces in nature and aura, although undetected by the majority of people in ordinary states of consciousness, is detectable and clearly recognisable by individuals in subtle conditions of sensitiveness.

Clairvoyant sight has from ancient times testified to this subtle extension of the soul. The ‘halo’ around the head of a saint is not fiction, no more than the invisible aura or sphere of light radiating from a precious stone. Sometimes this aura is not restricted to the head but is depicted as surrounding the whole body with a misty glow. The aura is our personal electro-magnetic field-energy and in interacting with others, there is a vital exchange of these subtle energies. When these energies are compatible, we say “We are on the same wave-length.” When incompatible, we feel uncomfortable. With some people, we feel more energetic, more “alive” and with some others, we feel depressed or tired. Our aura is a hidden force of nature which determines our thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods, health and energy-levels.

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