BPP Parts Ways With ZYNG

On 29th November, 2016, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) decided to peacefully part ways with its seven-year old youth wing, ZYNG, via a majority vote based on the motion proposed by Trustee Noshir Dadrawala and supported by Chairman Yazdi Desai and Trustee Kersi Randeria. Since this was trustee Zarir Bhathena’s first meeting after his recovery from a major surgery and he was not aware of the full background of the matter, he chose to abstain from voting. A message received from Dadrawala stated, “I have just moved the motion to let ZYNG go independent. BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai and fellow Trustee Kersi Randeria supported the motion. Trustees Viraf Mehta and Armaity Tirandaz dissented. The resolution was passed by a vote of 3:2. With immediate effect, ZYNG is no longer the Youth Wing of the BPP.”

ZYNG, short for ‘Zoroastrian Youth For The Next Generation’, has allegedly not lived up to what was expected in terms of creating young new entrepreneurs, or emerging new leaders or dedicated volunteers for community or baug related services or sports or generally promote excellence. “There’s been no tangible benefit that either BPP or ZYNG has derived in all these years. Historically, ZYNG was created as a platform or launching pad for the children of some of the BPP trustees, but the new BPP Board looked upon the youth wing as an effective medium to bring together and work towards the benefit of the youth of our community” said Dadrawala, adding, “Unfortunately, over the years, ZYNG has only treated BPP as a ‘cash cow’ to milk or a convenient tagline to flaunt its association with BPP – the apex body of the Zoroastrian community. The relationship has been totally one sided and not beneficially reciprocal.”

The new Board of Trustees had repeatedly expressed a preference to meet with the ZYNG Committee and initiate personal interaction, however, Trustee Viraf Mehta insisted that the Committee need not be involved and the BPP Trustees should deal with him as the sole representative of ZYNG. More importantly, the whole idea of funding a Youth Wing was with a two-fold aim – firstly, that of integrating the Zoroastrian youth by organizing meaningful, growth-oriented activities; and secondly to facilitate familiarity and increase the interaction between the youth and the BPP as the youth were the future leaders of the community. However, ZYNG displayed neither accountability nor effort to fulfill these goals.

After repeated insistence by the BPP Trustees, in the past week, ZYNG’s committee members turned up for a meeting at the BPP. However, this meeting turned out to be a huge disappointment as it was rife with disrespect with ZYNG’s senior committee members openly sniggering and mocking the BPP Trustees. “Their attitude was totally non-cooperative and disrespectful. It was therefore thought prudent to part ways. We wish ZYNG and the youth associated with it the very best. As and when requested, we will be happy to extend our support,” concluded Dadrawala. The BPP stands by its commitment to support ZYNG’S forthcoming gahambar on the 9th of December, 2016.

Reportedly, after, the meeting ZYNG members were found using foul language, cursing the trustees and generally making a nuisance in the foyer of the Sir J J school to such an extent that a staff of the School came up to the Trustees to complain. There were of course youngsters who were more mature and tried to hold up a mirror to the
strident ones, but they were told off.

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