Energy And Physical Healing

Our emotions often determine our health. It is said that all health issues are first reflected in our aura. If we’re able to deal with these, we’re able to handle the issue in that auric layer itself. We can then avoid most health challenges. But this is easier said than done. Invariably all of us end up with health problems. This is when that issue has managed to penetrate the auric layers and touch us at a physical level. Be it a common cold, cancer or any debilitating disease, experts say, with regard to physical health, it all comes down to one common principle – ‘Our thoughts and emotions govern our health’.

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine, cancer is caused by excessive anger, bitterness, hatred for self or others and much more. Those having issues moving on in life may face potential knee problems. Spinal issues invariably stem from an inability to support oneself or not being able to manage the responsibility of self or others. Our body tries to talk to us – but we’ve forgotten how to listen. If the body’s plea for rest/rejuvenation is left unheeded, it will take it forcibly by breaking down. When signs and messages go unheard, self-preservation will kick in.

The power of the mind and the energy we put into our thoughts can make or break us. To put it in a nutshell, we continue to remain as healthy as we truly believe. Look around and you will see many in good physical shape and yet unhappy at the emotional/ mental level. Alternatively, there are those in not good physical states, but happy at an emotional level. It is the energy of our thoughts and our determination to live life to its fullest, no matter what.

Let’s think differently for a change. Instead of wondering if the physical problem will improve or not (which, in effect feeds the problem), why not focus on things going right? When you spread that positive, healthy energy around you and believe that whatever it may be will take care of itself, you will be surprised by how it will get spontaneously resolved. Many argue about it being difficult to remain positive when unwell, but it is strengthening the mind into remaining positive at such a time which shows the magic! It’s usually the positive and ‘full of beans’ people who bounce back in times of illnesses. They even recuperate faster than those who are worry-warts! Just trust in the energy and let it take its own course into healing you.

Try healing yourself the next time you’re under the weather:

  • Take some time out and ask yourself, “What is upsetting me? What is worrying me?” Though you will initially have numerous thoughts answering that question, the right answer will make you feel something in the pit of your stomach. That’s when you’ve identified the cause. If you’re able to work towards solving that cause, the ill-health will fade.
  • If you’re undergoing aches and pains in your body, gently rub your palms over those areas, feeling energy from your palms going in. Repeat to yourself, “I’m fine now. I’m in good physical health.” Say it repeatedly.
  • Most importantly, love every part of your body. It is yours to cherish and live with. When it feels the love from you, it will give back the same love to you and will be empowered to stay healthy!

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