From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Nine X’mas Gifts To Give

Dear Readers,

Anahita_Editorial copyAs Parsis in India, we celebrate every festival with zest and glee. But I believe, of all the festivals we revel in, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts. The analogy is delightful and simple… just like Christmas essentially celebrates the spirit of giving, the essence of our very own Parsipanu lies in our strong sense of philanthropy – one of the primary defining factors attributed to being Parsi.

Yes, Christmas is a time for giving, and as we reach out to family and friends to spread the festive cheer, I hope we’ll also open up our hearts to those who are lonely or in need, those lesser fortunate than us. But, there’s gifts and there’s gifts. A famous advertisement punch line goes, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” And though that line seems to have taken on a totally unprecedented dimension due to the ongoing demonetization, how about we focus on the former statement, ‘there are some things money can’t buy’? What could we give of ourselves this Christmas to all – family, friends, strangers – that embodies the real spirit of Christmas and Parsipanu, and remains pristinely priceless, untouched by currency (and, thankfully demonetization)?
Here’s a list of nine invaluable gifts to give one and all, which best celebrates X’mas. Give…

A helping hand: If you notice anyone attempting a chore, don’t ask if they need help, just join in and help them. Whether it’s inside your house or office or out on the streets, helping people – whether friends or family or strangers – doesn’t require a formal introduction, just an open heart. This one especially goes out to our youth – please put down your gizmos and help your parents/grandparents around the house!

A listening ear: A patient hearing does wonders for all relationships. And truly listen to what is being said to you. Resist the urge to argue, vocally or mentally. When you listen with grace, you will also be heard with courtesy.

A comforting word: Kind words are the balm to repair a sad, lonely heart and lift one’s spirits. Be honest but be compassionate.

A smile: Nothing soothes the soul more than a genuine smile. Let your smile show in your eyes. Your smile is the best part of your personality. It radiates happiness and best of all, it’s contagious! So, smile generously – there’s no better way of spreading joy!

Your presence: Sometimes all you need to do is show up. Just be present. No need for words or actions. Sometimes, just being around is the greatest show of love and solidarity! So make those visits you’ve been postponing!

Positivity: Our tenets – Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds – empower us to be store houses of positivity! Share your positivity liberally. Sharing positivity makes it grow manifold and leaves everyone beaming!

Respect: To all of God’s creations. The gift of respecting everything and everyone is respecting the Maker. And it does wonders to everyone’s temperaments, especially the giver!

Love: The ultimate balm for the soul and all humanity! Love everyone, love everything, unabashedly. There is no greater gift to give or receive than love.

Thanks: Gratitude frames your destiny. Be thankful and demonstrate your gratitude in thought, word and deed to all who you feel grateful to, and then see the magic unfold.
Wish you all A Very Merry Christmas!


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