Importance Of Revision And Repetition For An Excellent Memory

Memory is like a store-house where all the experiences are recorded in the brain as the memory traces. If you think of the same thing repeatedly, the traces go deeper and become nearly permanent. Revision or repetition is extremely important to retain something. The famous late American motivational Zig Zigler said, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

When we avoid revising what we learn, there’s a good chance of forgetting it in some time. Research states that 64% of what we learn is forgotten in 1 day, 74% is forgotten after 6 days and 78 % in a month. Hence make regular revision part of your life for things you need to retain mentally. While revising, try to focus, giving time for details to be absorbed mentally. Making salient points and running through these mentally helps to retain information and gets stored in the long term memory. Revise your matter no later than 8 hours, else you will forget.
Revision is the key to success. I would advocate that revision is done just before we go to sleep at night as this kind of mental digestion reaches the depths of your mind. For many students lack of repetition is the biggest drawback.

Due to study pressure, they are unable to revise and work just piles on work, increasing the problems! Children face problems including lack of concentration, study exhaustion, boredom, procrastination and lack of results. I firmly believe that be it learning an answer or a random figure; please write it down. And not on some chit of paper but a proper notebook. Success in this process makes you understand how revision really helps you and also motivates an individual for tougher tasks ahead. And lastly it also installs a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude, which not only helps in Memory Enhancement but in life as well.

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