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Missing Out On The First Prophet!

Generally we all read daily news-papers, especially Times of India. Many good writers write about various subjects of religion specially under ‘Speaking Tree’ (TOI). I have observed that those good writers write about various religious subjects. In this category they refer to all known prophets, but the name of our dear Prophet Zarathushtra is generally missing. I grudge those writers because the name of the first Prophet Zarathustra is always missing.
Zarathustra was the first Prophet who propounded there is only one Almighty who created the whole universe. He abolished all dogma and enlightened the human being of one creator – Ahura Mazda. Not only that, he gave humanity one simple truth – he advised humanity ‘ASHA’: Humata, Hukhata, Huvarashta – the most beautiful teaching that brought humanity from darkness to enlightenment.

Gurudev Tagore said Zarathustra’s voice is still a living voice and not merely a matter of academic interest for historians and scholars who deal with facts of the past. It is not a voice only for a small community. For, have we not seen that Zarathustra was the first of all teachers, who in his religious teachings, sent words to all human race across the distance of space and time? He declared that truth is for all, that its light is to unite the far and near.

Samuel Lang in his book ‘Modern Zoroastrian’ writes “However science may evolve, however knowledge may advance, the great message given by Zarathustra to the world, will stand unchanged and unchangeable for all eternity.” The well-learned scholars of the west have said, teaching of our dear Zarathustra was, is and will be unique in the history of religions. No philosophy or religion in the world can teach anything better to humanity than the triad of Humata, Hukhta, Huvarashta. Homage to our dear Zarathushtra!

Ratan Mir



Acceptance Of Children Of Parsi Ladies Married To A Non Parsi

This letter is in response to objections raised by some Parsis regarding the Navjote ceremony of Dadi Mistry’s grandson in Delhi. The objections arose from the fact that Mistry’s daughter was married to a non Parsi. Parsis have been accepting children born to Parsi fathers married to non Parsi women but when it comes to Parsi mothers married to non Parsi fathers we do not accept the child in our fold. Why this discrimination?

Our intention is not to disparage individual religious beliefs which are mostly based on early conditioning by parents, teachers and Priests. We merely wish to emphasize that in the English translations of our sacred Gathas by various scholars, Zarathustra states that men and women are created equal and enjoy the same rights in a responsible society. If this is so, we cannot object to the Navjote being performed of the young man. Our intention is not to advocate indiscriminate conversion. We merely request that the right given to Parsi men of inducting their children into our faith be extended also to Parsi women, provided the non Parsi spouse has no objection.

Further we wish to point out that several precedents have been set.  A major precedent was set with the Navjote ceremony of Bombay Dyeing magnate Neville Wadia in his eighties by high Priests. Neville was a catholic and was married to Mohammed Ali Jinnah’ daughter. It was argued that this was an exception. Really? Ahura Mazda does not play favourites.

We wish to end this letter by quoting a verse from Dasturji Dr. Dhalla’s Homage unto Ahura Mazda: “May the breath of Vohu Manah, Good Mind, blow the mists of Superstition and credulity that generate orthodoxy, from my mind and illumine it with the gleams of the sunshine of needful reform. May He, the premier archangel of Ahura Mazda, so guide me that I may not be impervious to the light of the new age. May he prevent me from blindly holding to the old order of the dead past. May he inspire me to move with the times.”

So let us practice what our Prophet Zarathustra has said and welcome children born to Parsi mothers married to non Parsi fathers, into our community with affection and dignity. Many letters have been written in past on this subject but there has been no change in the mind-set of the majority. We appeal to our humdins who see merit in our proposal to join us in making this change a reality.

Homi and Armaity Bhabha;
Eruch and Aban Engineer;
Homi and Jaloo Dalal;
Yazdi and Maharukh Kohiar;
Rashid and Hutokshi Khambatta.

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