ZTFI Spreads X’mas Cheer!

It’s going to be Christmas time soon and going by the spirit of the season, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI) organised an ‘X’mas Special’ during this month’s ‘Feed-a-Family’ Program, held at Cama Baug, on 16th December 2016. Around 200 beneficiaries benefited from the ‘Feed-a-Family’ Program where packets of consumables like pulses, rice, oil, butter, as well as toiletries, etc. were distributed.

Since Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Santa, ZTFI delighted everyone with their very own Parsi Santa, sportingly played by committee member, Vistaspar Mehta. Santa, along with ZTFI’s Trustee Yasmin Jal Mistry, distributed cakes and beautifully customized coffee mugs, along with made-to-order ZTFI T-shirts especially for the occasion, amongst the excited beneficiaries.

ZTFI also conducted their monthly lucky draw, where three lucky winners stand to win branded household items of their choice every month. The November 2016 winners beamed with joy as they collected their lucky prizes. For the dynamic Team ZTFI, nothing is more satisfying than taking time out and helping those in need, and to extend the Christmas spirit of giving simply added to the philanthropic flavour of this magnanimous organisation. At ZTFI, it’s ‘Community First’, always! ZTFI sincerely thanks the Cama Baug Trustees for allowing the use of their premises free of cost.

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