Did you know that if you channelized your mental energies towards a positive intent, the universe would ensure its eventual realisation? In this conclusive second part, Healer, Reiki expert and Tai Chi Master, Kashmira Shaw shares informative and inspirational knowledge about how energy and intent can be constructively used to help us achieve various goals in life.


The power of intent can turn your dreams into reality if only you keep your intent positive and focused. When the intent is pure, honest and strong… nothing can come between you and your wish and it will surely manifest positively. A very simple way to lead a positive and healthy life is to first be happy thinking of the positives in your life. If you desire something then one’s focus should only be on what you want. Do not think about what you do not want.

Case III: Ritesh wanted to take up Science in college as he dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. He’d read about different species of cats and dogs and proudly tell his friends that they could bring their pets to him once he became an ‘animal doctor’. Ritesh appeared for the entrance exams and having done well, hoped to secure admission into a reputed college. However he was denied as he was a mark short. But Ritesh didn’t give up and applied to all other colleges, as what mattered to him was getting admission somewhere. Surprisingly, he received a call from the first college that there had been a cancellation and he had been accepted! Ritesh utilised positive energy in the right way, by ensuring his focus on his intent. In spite of things going against him initially, they came around to his preference!

When we live in fear, we waste all our energy obsessing about the negative possibilities and end up manifesting them! There is great energy and power in intent. What you think of strongly, happens. If you think positive then positive outcomes come your way. Not thinking in a positive manner brings on hindrances in life. The next time you want something in your life, try this:

Send out the intent about what any positive desire by thinking about it intensely and then leave it at that. Forget what can go wrong or is lacking, missing, not there or needs to be there. Just visualise or imagine as if it is already there. Do not even doubt or wonder about how it could happen. That’s not your job. Your job is to focus on what you want and send positive energy to that and that alone.

Think of small things and start and you will be amazed at how your intent actually starts turning your dreams into reality. Start appreciating the good around you. Smile more, embrace the surprise of all that is good around you that you so far hadn’t noticed, because you were too consumed and focused on what you do not have.

Start feeling satisfied and happy and soon you will multiply this. You can only multiply what you have. If you think positive, you multiply and manifest happiness and radiance. If you are worried and think only of the cons, then you only multiply worry and inconvenience. So just focus positively on your intent and let your intent do everything else for you!

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