Know Your Bombay! – 31th December 2016

Parsi Times brings you interesting facts about our beloved Bombay! Explore this city’s amusing history and get to know why and how so many streets and places got their names with KYB!


Constructed by the British East India Company during Sir Robert Grant’s tenure as the Governor of Bombay (1835–1838), Colaba, the southern tip of Mumbai, was declared a cantonment area, where construction by civilians was prohibited. Its construction was completed in 1838, using the Old Woman’s Island as part of it, and, thus, the last two islands of Colaba and Old Woman’s Island (out of the seven islands of Bombay) were connected with the mainland of Bombay. Today, Colaba Causeway, officially known as the Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is a shopper’s paradise and a major causeway or land link between Colaba and the Old Woman’s Island in Mumbai.




Matunga was Matanga Ali or Matangasthan, which would mean either the place of elephants or the place of the Mhangs. Matunga formed a part of the seven original islands of Mumbai with Mahim, then known as Mahikavati. Matunga was among the first well planned localities of Mumbai.

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