Know Your Bombay! – 7th January 2017

Parsi Times brings you interesting facts about our beloved Bombay! Explore this city’s amusing history and get to know why and how so many streets and places got their names with KYB!

The Elephanta Island

Once the capital of a powerful local kingdom, Elephanta was earlier known by the name Gharapuri, derived from a small village at its southern end. In the 16th century, Portuguese explorers renamed it ‘Ilha Elefante’ or Elephant Island, in reference to a large stone elephant that was found there. The statue was later moved to Victoria Gardens or the current day Jijamata Udyan. The Island is home to a network of sculpted caves known as Elephanta Caves.




Antop Hill

Antop Hill is a small hill in Mumbai, located towards the eastern side of the Harbour Railway line, between Wadala and Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar Stations. Named after its loval Marathi owner called Antoba, the hill eventually got renamed to its anglicised version – ‘Antop’.

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