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Distortion Of Facts By A BPP Employee

It is reliably learnt that an employee of BPP, probably planted by people with vested interests, goes about misguiding the unaware people and these innocents, desperate for grant of accommodation from the BPP, are being taken for a jolly good ride. Of course, the modus operandi being affirming confidently that a ‘Deposit Scheme’ for Housing is very much in vogue.

In this respect, during a personal audience granted recently by none other than the present Trustee, Shri Kersi Randeria – an intellectual by all counts, a thorough gentleman indulging in no hanky-panky business but one who upholds in ‘calling or spade-a-spade’ – it was clarified that NO DEPOSIT SCHEME EXISTS AT ALL!!

My humble self therefore opted to bring up this issue through your widely read weekly whereby it will help serve as an eye-opener for one and all. Here is then hoping that this letter kindly gets published. This is bound to go a long way in the larger interest. Simultaneously, exposing the ongoing bluff.

N R Balsara
(Khan Estate, Mahim)



Calling South Bombay Citizens For Action Against BEST Fraud!

 A fraud of over 6000 crores by BEST Authorities has been unearthened – thanks to Mumbai’s three honest High Court advocates and Indian Hotels Limited (Taj group) who have put up a case against BEST, which they won in the Supreme Court, for refund of amount deducted fraudulently by BEST from all South Mumbai residents where they supply electricity.

We are so engrossed in our daily lives that we don’t even know when service providers like BEST have fooled us and taken our hard earned money. A large chunk of the Parsi community lives in South Mumbai and have been cheated, hence an appeal to join in solidarity and send a registered letter to the Supreme Court of India, as requested by advocates who fought selflessly for all consumers.

In our electricity bill, on the reverse side is a third column, where, since 2012, BEST has been wrongly and SLYLY charging SoBo consumers the losses of BEST bus transport! Without checking the fine print, we end up paying the unnecessary charges in honesty! If you check the your current electricity bill, you will see the third column ‘parivan vibhag toot vasuli aakar” or TDLR charges amount to 0.00 and there is a remark on right hand side stating ‘Note: The TDLR Charge Refund will not be effected till further orders of the Supreme Court’ as the Supreme Court has directed the authorities to stop charging this amount, which incidentally has been paid by 99% of all consumers, amounting to a whopping 6000 crores!

To get back the refund of our money – the issue has been put up in the Supreme Court by the three advocates and we need to support them through social network, Mohalla Committee and the Press. We have been asked to inform all our community members of this fraud and to participate in the fight of getting our hard-earned money refunded. (Email for greater detail).

Gev Dalal



 Kudos To Ruby And Parsi Times!

I can’t begin to tell you how much my entire family and I enjoy reading your Meherbai’s columns over and over again! Please request your columnist Ruby, the Rock-star of humour, to make it a weekly column. We loved her Modi Jacket, New Year Resolutions, Demonetization and US Elections columns and have cut them out and kept them. Even her spiritual articles are superb – what knowledge this woman has! A humble suggestion – Parsi Times could have one ordinary/spiritual column plus a Meherbai column every week so we can get knowledge as well as humour.

Another humble suggestion – we don’t enjoy the holier-than-thou religious interviews or political news. For orthodox, religious articles we already have another weekly dharmic pamphlet. I’m 79 years but unable to relate to most of its content or editorials. So, the bottom line is keep Meherbai every week, even a few lines of what she did last week, even a small humour-box like Busybee in Afternoon, along with spiritual articles.

Keep up the good work Parsi Times! You are truly the numero uno of Parsi Press, so God Bless you all!

Homi J. Mistry
(Contractor Baug, Mahim)



 Awaiting BPP Connect On Jokhi’s Suggestion

The letter of Piroja Jokhi, “May our tribe increase” is very well written, thought provoking and down to earth factual . Our community leaders should certainly give a thought to what has been stated and work in the direction shown. BPP and all the Baug Trustees could do right by the Community by establishing children’s day care centres in their respective Baugs and working in the direction of other sound and realistic observations made by Piroja Jokhi.

What I would like to know is whether the BPP Trustees have done anything about the above mentioned scheme? Have they given this a thought? And if so, will our BPP Chairman, Mr. Yezdi Desai please give a mention of this in his monthly report which he publishes for the information of the community.

Pilloo Pastakia

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