‘Retro Makeover’ With Arshis

As Bawas we have always been grounded to our roots and when it comes to roots, we love our old-sake retro music. There isn’t a single wedding or navjote that escapes the presence of songs from the 70s! With inspiration from the bygone day, I decided to take a vintage take for a New Year Makeover. Zoish Irani is an urban girl with a new age look and a fantastic life ahead of her as she has just stepped into her first year of junior college. I started with prepping her face with a rejuvenating primer and then founding it with a BB cream. As a take on the retro look, I decided to give her a wing liner and to complement that with a new-age feel, I went with ‘fuchia lips’ (shocking pink). Keeping with the less is more formula, we painted her nails with nude shade lacquer. To complete the look, we roped in our fabulous girl from makeover salon in Bandra to give her a taste of the blast from the past, with likely outset waves, center parting and embellished it with a hairband.

Obviously for a retro look, we need some retro styling, so Shazia from Shazzle, customised a short retro style outfit, to give Zoish a preppy look, teamed with a pair of H&M wedges. Zoish came out looking like a stunning retro beauty!

I hope you enjoyed the look as much as we enjoyed styling it. Keep writing in to us at makeup@arshisjaveri.com or make your booking at 9820921824.

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