When The Soul Is Ready For Birth

According to occult Vedic literature, when the time is ripe for a soul to take on a physical body, the organ of physical activity (foetus) may be a beautiful harmonious instrument (beauty and health) or a very disadvantaged one (physically handicapped) due to previous bad karma. Man’s actions in the past lives shape his body as well as his environment. One is born in a palace while the other in a very poor place. Maybe his previous thoughts shape his character and his emotions shape his temperament.

Now let us examine the aspect of abortion. Is it an immoral act? Is it a murder of human life? This is the most hotly debated topic today as our cultural taboos shift and change. But is the foetus a human soul? Is it a soul from the moment of conception or does it become a soul after the fourth month when it kicks inside the womb to signal to the mother that there’s life inside her?  When does the soul enter the foetus? Many feel that at the moment of conception itself the soul joins its consciousness with the cellular-consciousness of the mother and as such, it is telepathically aware of the mother’s emotions before, as well as after birth. The foetus is even aware of the cramped and suffocating feeling within the darkness of the womb. The process of birth and re-living another lifetime is perceived by the soul as a duty and not a pleasure.

In some cases, the soul itself influences the mother’s decision to abort. Or the soul may not be in spiritual-harmony with the mother and chooses to go to another womb in which case we say that the mother has miscarried. Even the sudden death of infants may be the result of a soul’s decision not to go ahead with the life-plan with a particular mother. All this may sound too fantastic to an average reader but para-psychologists, particularly, Helen Wambach, believe in this theory.

The ‘pilgrim soul’ is about to start on its way for the earth-period (one life-time) of its journey through the gateway of birth from the mother’s womb, which we call the ante-natal period, and which is terribly distressful for the baby soul, since it hangs upside-down for nine months, next to a bladder and intestines, carrying waste-matter and emerges from a traumatic small passage into an unknown world of harsh lights, sounds and strangers.

The mother is the first link between the soul and the physical world. Sometimes, a highly evolved soul gets an abusive mother who may give it physical, mental or emotional pain resulting in detachment and thirst for divine knowledge in a child-soul. Such mothers are a blessing in disguise, since a soul whose mother pampers and cuddles it too much, learns nothing in that life-time. Also, the environment of the mother influences the mental, emotional and physical future of the child.

The mother’s thoughts are most important since her mental influence is constant. On the other hand, harsh, cruel and unclean thoughts in the surroundings will form undesirable material in the baby. The mother’s emotions and passions are most important. Fear, hatred for the father of the baby as in case of a rape, affect the unborn, sensitive, growing astral body. A pregnant woman must have thoughts of devotion to God, beauty, harmony with husband and in-laws, surround herself with shades of pink (the colour of love) and have refinement of environment and spend most of her time in prayers and good deeds. If possible, pure vegetarian food should be eaten for those nine months.
Good air, lots of sunlight and healthy surroundings are vital. Unfortunately today, the pregnant woman is burdened with earning, household problems, disharmony at office and at home, selfishness causing violent vibrations in the child’s astral body, which act on the physical body of the child, causing both emotional and physical injury to the baby.
Greek civilization laid great emphasis on the care of the pregnant mother and her unborn child. She was deliberately exposed to all kinds of beauty through her five senses, like art, sculpture and scenic beauty pleasing to her eyes while the ‘Divine Oracles’ were taught to her, Orpheus-like music was played to soothe her ears and benefit the unborn baby through its harmonious vibrations. This was done to the royal women of the Egyptian civilization too and to some extent, the Mughal queens since they would bear the royal heirs to the throne.

The ante-natal period largely conditions the future moral and mental environment of the unborn child. In Hindu ante-natal Samskaras, occult and spiritual knowledge and scientific socio-religious ceremonies are done in various stages of pregnancy, so that the right key-note is touched at the appropriate period of development.

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