“We Will Not Respond” Say BPP’s 4 Majority Trustees “We Are Trustees, Not Politicians!”

In October 2015, the community voted for us, putting their faith in our ability to work together and deliver. But the community has been disappointed and dismayed at the manner in which the much needed work for its welfare has been brought to a grinding halt, due to the building disunity amongst the Trustees. For the first six months, this Board worked harmoniously and with great efficiency, receiving praise and positive feedback from community members, thereby encouraging us Trustees to work even harder and with greater energy. However two incidents took place in quick succession, which led to a serious change in the workings of the Board…

First – Armaity Tirandaz’s election campaign (engineered by the Mehta-Tirandaz combine electoral machine) introduced two proxy candidates – Sethna and Dhatigara. Their role was to primarily launch personal attacks to help Tirandaz win, completely ignoring the Code of Conduct put together by the community elders. This they did in the vilest possible manner, bringing in the initial divide; and

Second – The alleged emergence of fresh evidence against Dinshaw Mehta in the Dadi House cash transaction controversy, led Trustee Viraf Mehta to try and protect his father, by allegedly participating in a cover-up attempt of the facts by preventing Musharraf from providing evidence against Dinshaw Mehta. Armaity Tirandaz openly sided with the Mehtas, going to the extent of ‘withdrawing’ her signature on the agreement of Dadi House, which she had already signed, not once, but twice!

In an effort to divert attention from this major issue, where an FIR is filed against Dinshaw Mehta for criminal breach of trust and cheating, an ongoing, concerted attack has been launched against the BPP under numerous pretexts of frivolous and dishonest issues. When on October 5th 2016, the court ordered further investigation into the FIR against Dinshaw, the diversionary attacks increased tenfold! Using the print and the social media, the Mehta-Tirandaz machinery went into attack mode openly, twisting the facts brazenly and resorting to outright lies in an attempt to make it appear that we, the majority Trustees, were involved in various wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, as men of honor who value integrity would, we walked into their devious diversionary trap… and instead of ignoring them, we wasted a lot of time and effort trying to bring the facts before the community – thereby diverting from and diluting our commitment to work for the welfare of the community. Our energies were channelized into defending our stand in the print media, the social media and in various legal courts, which consumed immense time and energy. But we are Trustees, we are not Politicians. The four of us are here to work for the welfare of the community, not promote and protect our own selfish interests. And that is what we intend to do.

It is overt and common knowledge that Trustees Armaity and Viraf are focused on protecting Dinshaw Mehta and as a result, are unwilling to allow any agreements to be registered, lest the Dadi House agreement gets registered. To that end, dozens of poor and needy members of the community are suffering today, as even their agreements are not getting registered – the deserving are being denied.

However despite all the efforts of our colleagues to prevent us from doing any further work, we, the four majority Trustees, have decided to not let the community members suffer any longer and will continue serving our community, as we are bound to do by law, and mandated to do as per the scheme of elections. We have therefore decided that we will no more dignify these unfounded attacks with a response, because these attacks simply aim at stalling community welfare work.

We, the undersigned four Trustees, seek the support of the community to help us deliver the promise of Trusteeship and achieve what we have been entrusted by the community to do – work for the welfare and well-being of our community. The community would be wise to ignore the attempts of spreading lies and falsehoods about us by the Mehta-Tirandaz combine, across all media – print or digital. We seek your support and blessings to continue serving you to the best of our abilities as the BPP Trustees you elected in good faith.

• We shall henceforth not defend, justify, object to or in any way respond to any of the falsehoods put out by the Mehta-Tirandaz combine.

• We will continue visiting the baugs, colonies, etc to directly communicate with the members of the community.

• We shall take recourse to any and all legal remedies available to us to allow us to do what we promised to deliver to the community.

• We will not reply. We will not be diverted. We will focus on our duties and perform them to the best of our ability.

• We shall do justice to the faith and trust put in us by the community.

Should any member of the community desire a clarification or feels doubtful based on the tripe churned out by the Mehta-Tirandaz machinery, he/she may directly write to, call us or meet us. As always, we will maintain complete transparency and remain accountable to all seeking welfare for the community, as opposed to those working against its best interests by maligning the

The Four Majority Trustees:
BPP Ch’man Yazdi Desai and Trustees Noshir Dadrawala, Kersi Randeria and Zarir Bhathena

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