Malcom Baug Lights The Skies With STARLIGHT

The MBZA Children perform

On 11th February, 2017, the Malcolm Baug Zoroastrian Association (MBZA) presented its annual gala event – a musical bonanza titled ‘Starlight – Remembering Elvis’ under the leadership of Trustees Bomi Bacha, Faram Gotla, Minoo Siodia with President Neville Lakka and Hon. Secretary Sarosh Bala. The Guests of Honour were Sam Bulsara and Homai Bulsara.

With a jam packed turnout of over 670 people from all over Mumbai and Parsi Times as media partners, the evening showcased the excellent talent of some of the best singers in our community as well as distributed prizes to its residents for their academic achievements. The evening kicked off with the charismatic host Ruzbeh Parbhoo welcoming the packed audience seated in the Baug’s beautiful lush, compound, and calling on the first act of the evening – where some of the most gracious women, senior ladies from the Baug graced the stage to regale the audiences with a few Parsi songs, under the guidance of the very talented and much-loved musical marvel – Jamshed Kotwal, who followed the act with is famous rendition of a couple of classic Hindi songs – ‘Tum se achha kaun hai’ and ‘Bar bar dekho’.

Sharmin Bala with Khushnavaz Tarapore and Baby Shiraz Bharucha

Next was the prize distribution ceremony for colony students by MBZA awarded by President Neville Lakka and Trustees Bomi Bacca and Faram Gotla along with Sarosh Bala. Prizes were given students including Mazda Tarapore, Deann Umrigar, Sheroy Daviervala, Mehernaz Patel, Homan Fozdar, Mazdiyar Mevawala and Kharmin Pithawala.

The evening here on was completely dedicated to musical geniuses from our community who left the audiences wowed and singing along to the tunes! The evening came alive with numerous musical items presented by gifted participants including Kersi Guzdar with Beniefer Kavarana together playing the theme of Mission Impossible on the piano; old classic English songs sung by the senior ladies; Dr. Sharmin Bala and Khushnavaz Tarapore singing ‘Stupid Cupid’ with baby Shiraz Bharucha who pranced about on stage as the adorable cupid; Sorab Parekh’s fabulous rendition of Elvis’ ‘Strangers In The Night’ and ‘It’s Now Or Never’; a fabulous gig with the trio of Kersi Gazdar, Dr. Sharmin Bala and Hormuz Katrak playing the violin and the piano live along with singing.

Singing Stars Hormuz Ragina with Cyrus Dubash

The next act had everyone swooning to the velvet voice of the singing prodigy Cyrus Dubash, as he transported one and all to romantic heights with his rendition of the popular songs ‘Love Story’ and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, followed by charismatic Johaan Daruwala’s spirited performance that had every tapping their feet to a fun medley of Hindi songs. And no Parsi musical function can ever be complete without the Rock ‘n’ Roll prodigy himself – Hormuz Ragina, who once again had the crowd on their feet, singing and dancing away in great excitement, with his brilliant personality! And refusing to let the audience catch their breath, the next act was with Cyrus Bandrawala, who with his band, once again had everyone swaying to his Spanish renditions of famous songs including ‘Volare’. The next hour following this act was the Elvis Bonanza with the Indian Elvis himself – Mehmood Curmally – who sang and dressed the part to perfection in his Elvis attire and vocal genius – he had the crowd going in a frenzy with his professional flair!

Mehmood Curmally as Elvis
Sorab Parekh

This was followed by a group rendition of Elvis’ evergreen hit, ‘My Way’, collectively by all the singers. Next, the Guest of Honor, Sam Bulsara was felicitated and thanked for his constant support. Another high points of the star-studded exhilarating evening included a fab performances by Shazneen Arethna who took everyone’s breath away with her silken voice and diva-like poise; and numerous other performances by ‘Jumping Kangaroos’, Johna and Jaeda Hodywala, Kersi Gazdar, ‘Teenagers Group’, Roomi Maneckshaw, Delnavaz Patel, Rushaad Dastur, Jehan Jesia and Karishma Mevawala. Sam Bulsara and Homai Bulsara gave away bouquets to all singers. The evening ended on a note of excitement and revelry and Parsi bhonu.

The Stars of our Community
Johaan Daruwala
Jehann Jesia & Hormuzd Katrak

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