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Coconut Water And A Couple Of Seconds!

Dear Readers,

Our Maximum City has started announcing the arrival of maximum temperatures, with all of us beginning to quite literally feel the heat! And if the weather gurus are to be believed, we are to expect one of the hottest summers this year. So, as we start making arrangements for easy accessibility to all things edible and non-edible to keep ourselves cool physically, let’s not forget to include inculcating habits that will also help keep the mind cool. Apparently, coconut water is known to best quench thirst and hydrate the body during summers, even better than water! And taking a pause of a couple of seconds before reacting, is known best to quell anger and flaring tempers, especially during the summer season, which is known to record a surge in spats, accidents and road rage.

And as we take care of ourselves, let’s not forget our winged and four-legged friends on the streets who have to bear the wrath of Surya. Can we ensure to leave bowls of water and grains/food on our balconies for the birds, and a few buckets of water at select street corners (after due permissions are taken) that we know are chanced upon by stray cats, dogs, et al. It is these vagrants who undergo the worst possible misery and many times, fall fatally ill due to dehydration and sunburn.

It’s time to indulge in a wild frenzy of hues yet again, as the Festival of Colours – Holi – will be celebrated on this Monday, the 13th. For those of us who indulge in this effervescent fiesta, it would be wise to opt for organic colours for the sanctity of your skin, and even more wise to keep all colours, organic or otherwise, away from all pets and other animals. Many of us ritually participate in the Holika bonfire, meant to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. Isn’t it intriguing yet comforting to know the similarity in the basic essence of different religions – be it in terms of beliefs or rituals?

And before I bid you adieu for the week, I request you all to ensure you get your copies of our much awaited Bumper Special Jamshedi Navroz issue, next Saturday, on the 18th. Centered around the theme of ‘Unity’, our Jamshedi Navroz Special is all set to excite, entertain, inform and educate our readers, with fabulous content and visual wowness – yet another ‘Collector’s Item’ en route to you!

So, keep that coconut water and a couple of seconds handy, have a lovely weekend and a Happy Holi to a year-round, colourful community!

– Anahita

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