From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Thank You!

Dear Readers,

First off, let me convey heartfelt thanks on behalf of Team PT for the overwhelming response to our Jamshedi Navroz Special Issue. Your constant feedback and generous appreciation of our efforts equips us with all the encouragement and motivation, to sustain and better the quality of content delivered to you, in terms of news, infotainment or the causes we take up, in keeping with our commitment as your favourite weekly. The lack of space in our print edition inhibits us from publishing all your letters, but please be rest assured that every correspondence we receive – via post or digitally – is acknowledged and valued. It was heartening to see that the theme of our Special Issue, ‘Unity’, was so well received by one and all.

Speaking of unity, our hearts and prayers go out to those mourning the loss of their dear ones in London’s dastardly terrorist attack a few days ago. Every time such a global catastrophe strikes, we are reminded that it is only unity that will save the day. Because, it is, in fact, unity that these perpetrators of terror try to undermine. Where unity is compromised, fears and insecurities and disharmony thrive… laying the perfect groundwork for evil to take control. In unity alone lies strength and solutions – be it in the war against global terrorism, or for the survival of one of the world’s most precious communities – us!

As we start the new Jamshedi Navroz orbit, let’s never lose sight of unity, happiness and gratitude as our top-three priorities. Here’s wishing all of you infinite happiness, boundless peace and uninterrupted smiles through the New Year!


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