Know Your Bombay!

Parsi Times brings you interesting facts about our beloved Bombay! Explore this city’s amusing history and get to know why and how so many streets and places got their names with KYB!

Grant Road: Grant Road is a prominent locality in South Mumbai, named after Sir Robert Grant, the Governor of Bombay between 1835 and 1839. It is considered as the place of ancestral roots of the originating Zoroastrians of the city mainly being the areas of Balaram Street and Sleater Road. It hosts four Fire temples and is famous for its electronic items purchase at Lamington Road.

Sandhurst Road: Sandhurst Road is a railway station on the Central and Harbour lines of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, built in 1910 and named after Lord Sandhurst, the Governor of Bombay between 1895 and 1900. It is the third stop from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The Sandhurst Road railway station (upper level servicing the Harbour Line) was built in 1921.

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