Letters To The Editor

Kudos To A Great Jamshedi Navroz Issue!

Congratulations on the fabulous Navroz issue of Parsi Times. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the issue, especially ‘Motorcycle misfits of the World’ by Kerfegar Eduljee. Hailing from a family of automobile enthusiasts, it’s always a treat to read his articles. His language and fluency with words are always pleasant and invoke an interest to read. The contents are not only informative but also very insightful. The pictures make it an even more gratifying read.

Once again kudos to the entire team of Parsi Times for keeping the community informed and entertained.

Aspi Mistry (mistryaspi77@gmail.com)


In Gratitude

Dear Editor,

Sincere thanks for recently publishing our son, Shreyas’ Appeal for donations towards his cancer treatment. Needless to say, the response has been overwhelming.  To date, your esteemed Parsi readers have contributed a sum of Rs. 1,50,000/- approx.,  which has been far beyond our expectations. Our son’s treatment is continuing and we sincerely hope this wonderful community will continue to respond generously.

The oft -reapeated adage, “Parsi Thy Name is Charity” is, to us, now a wonderful reality. God Bless you and this Nano community with a large heart!

Renewed thanks,

Shyam Sudrik- Father of Shreyas (musicchime@gmail.com)



Delighted To Have Mr. Suntook Aboard PT!

I was delighted to read that Mr. Khushroo Suntook will be writing a monthly column in PT to encourage and rekindle the love for Western Classical Music in our community. Most Parsi children of my generation, grew-up in homes filled with books, music and art. Cinema, multi-lingual plays, the Jehangir Art Gallery and the Gramaphone Society were a weekly ritual. Most of us played at least one instrument. My friend Mehroo played the violin while I accompanied her on the piano. My teacher Miss Rutty Wadia taught the piano to over a dozen contemporaries in Cusrow Baug including my friend, Jal Tata.

At St. Anne’s School, we studied Bharat Natyam under Dr. Sehgal, Kathak under Mrs. Satyavathi and Indian Classical Music under a German Jesuit, Father Proxsh as a matter of school curriculum. Hence, Mr. Suntook’s column will surely increase the exposure and awareness towards the Performing Arts. This will help in developing creativity, redefining the parameters of intellectual development and participation in Parsi youngsters! So yeah! Welcome Mr. Suntook!!

Yours Sincerely,

Ruby Lilaowala (ferozarubi@gmail.com)



What I Learn From The Sea (On The Occasion Of Avan Yazad’s Parab)

The sea, at times angry or naughty is; at times calm and serene.
Its waters of colors varied; white, almond, blue or aqua -green.
The sea tells us, however big we are, in our limits we must stay.
Ego it has not, in spite of the size and wealth, that in it lay.
Accepts it; the many rivers, which into it flow; it never does swell.
In daily life, there are ebb and tide; but life carries on, as if all is well.
Vast it is; really, really huge; yet very humble, proud it is not.
Instead, it gives us rain, bearing immense torture, from the Sun so hot.
Learn these qualities exceptionally good, we must, from the sea
Only then, in this world, satisfied, happy and content we can be.

By Afried Dastur (afdastur@gmail.com)


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