WZC Perth June 2018: Uniting Zoroastrians Worldwide

At the Global Working Group meeting held during the Iranshah Udvada Utsav (IUU) in December 2015, Perth in Australia was selected as the next destination to host the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress scheduled for June 2018. The Organising Team lead by Firoz K Pestonji would like this Congress to be a truly unique experience for everyone! Promising its participants more than just a Congress, Firoz invests his business and management expertise, gathered over the years as a dynamic entrepreneur of multiple businesses including Aussie Perth Tours. This Congress will be a four-day global seminar conference, from 1st to 4th of June, 2018. Parsi Times is delighted to be a Media Partner with the WZC Perth 2018! Here’s Firoz K Pestonji, in conversation with Asst. Editor, Delaveen Tarapore.


PT: What is the aim of WZC’s Perth chapter?

Firoz: Our motto explains it all – Together Towards Tomorrow! We eagerly look forward to welcoming Zoroastrians from all across the world to Australia and providing them a global platform which covers various aspect, business networking as well as holidaying with family and friends. We wish to promote international business opportunities and especially encourage our youth. Hosting the 11th WZC offers us an opportunity to gather and celebrate our glory and rich Zoroastrian heritage.


PT: What does Perth offer in terms of business and holiday?

Firoz: WZC, Perth is going to be a good balance of discussions and interactive sessions with people from all around the world. The itinerary has been planned in a way such to ensure it’s not just another Congress – it will be a fun-filled, family holiday with an amalgamation of various discussions, activities and breakaway sessions together.


PT: How will the costing work out?

Firoz: The Congress will provide a platform for various speakers. The packages will be planned in an economical manner for all delegates who can choose their itinerary with regards to the travel and stay according to their budgets. We will also coordinate with local tour operators who will have separate extended touring and packages that you can combine with the Congress visit, so that you can also explore other Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, etc. at reasonable prices. We will share the details of this in June this year – this trip will prove to be extremely cost effective and worthwhile, compared to a normal sight-seeing package.


PT: How will the Congress benefit our Community’s business class and the youth?

Firoz: The Congress will conduct numerous informative sessions as well as provide ample time and opportunities for networking with fellow Zoroastrians and like-minded businessmen and women from the world over. We also want to connect professionals with similar/relevant industries from different parts of the world, with their counterparts in Perth. We hope that this will encourage the youth and business class towards new entrepreneurship avenues as well as offer a wider perspective for those who wish to expand their business to Australia.


PT: What will prove to be the best part of this trip?

Firoz: As our motto says we want this to be a platform where Zoroastrians move forward, Together Towards Tomorrow. We want to have special sessions for youth, seniors, women and others such that we can cater to the varied interests of the different demographics. It will also be a good opportunity for family and friends to be together and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world. At this Congress, we also want to promote Zoroastrian as well as local business opportunities, by providing each a platform to explore new ideas and concepts. Ultimately, we want everyone to come and have a great Aussie experience, make lasting friendships/business alliances, all while learning and hearing new ideas on various interesting topics together.


PT: What does WZC hope to achieve through this?

Firoz: The pioneering effort of The World Zarthosti Chamber of Commerce and The Global Working Group have made the Congress possible every five years. WZC wishes to achieve their prime objective of ‘Bringing Zoroastrians Together Globally’ so that we all can achieve greater heights and do justice to the legacy of industriousness and greatness that our Zoroastrian ancestors were known for.


PT: What would you like to tell our readers?

Firoz: Our team would like to invite all Zoroastrians, including the younger generations, to Australia to be a part of this historical event. Come to Australia and make new friendships and new forays in business with fellow Zoroastrians worldwide. Our team is also delighted to have Parsi Times as one of our Media Partners, in our initiative to unite Zoroastrians all across the world.

We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Jamshedi Navroz!

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