The 101 Names Of Ahura Mazda And Their Meanings

Parsi Times shares excerpts from one of the all-time-classics – ‘In Search Of My God’ – which celebrates Zoroastrian history, religion and culture. What better way to rediscover the splendor of our great religion than by enriching the comprehension of our glorious roots and exploring the brilliance of the greatest of all religions… by the grace of Ahura Mazda!

  1. Yazad: Worthy of worship
  2. Harvesp-tavan: Omnipotent
  3. Harvesp-agah: Omniscient
  4. Harvesp-khuda: The Lord of the universe
  5. Abadah: Having no beginning
  6. Abi-anjam: Having no end
  7. Buneshteh: The source of all creation
  8. Frakhtan-teh: The noble End of everything
  9. Chamag: The Lord of reasoning
  10. Parjatarah: The Exalted
  11. Tum-afik: The most innocent
  12. Abarvand: The Unique
  13. Parvanda: Within everybody
  14. An-aiyafah: Perfection itself
  15. Ham-aiyafah: One who has the measure of everybody
  16. Adaro: The Most Righteous
  17. Gira: The Supreme Control
  18. A-chem: The causeless Cause
  19. Chamana: The cause of all causes
  20. Safna: The Bringer of prosperity
  21. Afaza: The Lord of Plenty
  22. Nasha: The friend of all
  23. Parvara: The Maintainer of all
  24. lyanah: One who looks after everybody
  25. Ain-aenah: The Creator of all shapes and forms
  26. An-ainah: Having no physical form
  27. Khroshidtum: The Firmest of the firm
  28. Minotum: The most invisible
  29. Vasna: Omnipresent
  30. Harvastum: All in all
  31. Hu-sepas: Deserving of thanks
  32. Har-hamid: Of good nature
  33. Har-nek-fareh: The haloed Spirit
  34. Besh-tarna: The Reliever of all pain and suffering
  35. Taronish: The Enemy of all evil
  36. An-aoshak: Immortal
  37. Farsak: The Father of all progress
  38. Pajoh-dahad: The Creator of good temper
  39. Khvafar: The supreme Judge
  40. Avekhshiaeya: The Merciful
  41. Abarza: The most generous
  42. A-satoh: The Unconquerable
  43. Rakhoh: The Independent
  44. Varun: Worthy of the faith reposed in Him
  45. A-farefah: One who never decieves
  46. Be-farefah: The Undeceived
  47. A-dui: Needing no protection
  48. Kame-rad: The Lord of desire
  49. Faruman-kam: One who can direct as He pleases
  50. Aekh-tan: The One and only
  51. A-farmosh: The unforgetful one
  52. Hamarna: The Settler of all accounts
  53. Sanaea: One who is acquainted with all
  54. A-tars: The Undaunted
  55. A-bish: Free from pain and suffering
  56. Afrazdum: The most Exalted
  57. Ham-chun: Eternally the same
  58. Mino-stih-gar: The Creator of heavenly peace
  59. Amino-gar: The Creator of all that is spiritual
  60. Mino-nahab: The hidden Spirit
  61. Adar-bad-gar: One who can change fire into air
  62. Adar-nam-gar: One who can change fire into water
  63. Bad-adar-gar: One who can change air into fire
  64. Bad-nam-gar: One who can change air into water
  65. Bad-gel-gar: One who can reduce air to ashes
  66. Bad-gerad-tum: One who can reduce air to dust
  67. Adar Kibarit-tum: One who can change fire into a precious stone
  68. Bad-gar-jae: One who produces fresh air everywhere
  69. Ab-tum: The Creator of the plentiful waters
  70. Gel-adar-gar: One who can transform ashes into fire
  71. Gel-vad-gar: One who can transform ashes into air
  72. Gel-nam-gar: One who can transform ashes into water
  73. Gar-gar: The master Artisan
  74. Gar-o-gar: The Fulfiller of all desires
  75. Gar-a-gar: The Creator of mankind
  76. Gar-a-gar-gar: The Creator of the entire universe
  77. Agara-gar: The Creator of the four elements of nature
  78. Agaragar-gar: The Creator of the stars
  79. A-guman: The Undoubted
  80. A-zaman: The Infinite
  81. A-khuan: The Ever-Awake
  82. Amasht: The supreme Intelligence
  83. Fashutana: One who looks after the well-being of all
  84. Padmani: The Lord of moderation
  85. Firozgar: The Triumphant
  86. Khudavand: The King of the universe
  87. Ahuramazd: The omniscient Creator of all life
  88. Abarin-kuhan-tavan: The Preserver of all that is ancient
  89. Abrin-no-tavan: The great Rejuvenator
  90. Vaspan: One who reaches the entire creation
  91. Vaspar: The Lord beneficent
  92. Khawar: The Creator of all favours
  93. Ahu: Existence itself, the one and only
  94. Awakhshidar: The Forgiver of sins
  95. Dadar: The Fountain of justice
  96. Rayomand: The Lord of all treasures
  97. Khorehomand: Surrounded by a halo
  98. Davar: One who renders even-handed justice
  99. Kerfegar: One who recognises all merit
  100. Bokhtar: The Reliever of all troubles
  101. Frashogar: One who has ordained the transformation from the human to the divine

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