Befriending Mathematics!

The well-known American politician Frank Clark said, “I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humour in it”. That’s true indeed – add humour to grow a fondness for anything. But how does one make Mathematics, which is feared by most, a friend? Quite a task, but not impossible to achieve!

If you wish to make Math your friend you need to get rid of the fear of Math. Start by regularly practicing Math, just as you would, to learn and master swimming or lawn tennis. Children get upset due to their inability to solve some Math problems, but the key lies in not getting disheartened when an error happens. Try to solve these again. Many students fear making mistakes and hence avoid solving Math problems.

Short-cuts, Math tricks and Vedic Math help. To do a sum like 35 times 35 easily (or squares of numbers ending with 5) just multiply 5 times 5, which is 25, at the end of equation. Now take the other digit and multiply it with the number after it -or add 1 to it) next number after 3, i.e. 4 and multiply them, i.e. 3 X 4 = 12 and the answer is 1225.

Tricks can be implied for additions too. If you have to add all the numbers from 1 to 15; all you do is multiply 15 times 16 (next number) which gives us 240, and then just divide 240 by 2 which gives the result, 120. Such cool and amazing tricks can make you fall in love with Math and make it your true friend.


Children are prone to make careless mistakes and after knowing the method to do a sum to get it wrong for one careless step is really disappointing. So please concentrate and focus only on the sum to avoid such instances. Math is nothing more than a fabulous game which has to be played according to certain simple rules.

Five Steps To Solve Mathematical Problems Include:

  • Understand the given problem.
  • Remembering the process, steps and formula for the problem.
  • Writing the answer after doing the correct calculations.
  • Always re-check in the end; you could identify some mistakes.
  • Keep in mind; Math isn’t just number crunching – it is a thinking process.


So remember, Mathematics can be a great friend to all – just keep the right attitudes – fearless and persistent – and all your problems will be solved!





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