Birthday Special Contest Winners

Best Message in Poetry Form

Celebrating With PT

Parsi Times celebrating its birth of, Raised to this height by Parsi fans far and near, Spreads its fragrance in every house-hold of Parsi born, Its arrival eagerly awaited each Saturday morn. Let us hail this 29th April as a joyous day, Let bells chime making heaven and earth gay. Parsi Times, please continue to enchant us, From food recipes to religious discourses. Reviving Zoroastrian history new and old, Bringing fun and frolic within your fold. It is said “If music be the food for love – play on”, Then let Parsi Times be the food for thought – Read on.

– Ruby K. Daruwala


Best Message in Prose Form

Happy Birthday To Our Dear Parsi Times!

Your Birthday Is Another 52 Week Journey Of Spreading Enlightenment Through Information On Latest Community Developments In Your Own Unique Way. You Truly Stand Out For Delivering The Truth, Every Week And Engaging Your Readers Like None Other. Your Efforts In Recognizing & Encouraging Our Community’s Young Achievers Are Commendable Which Plays A Part In Reinforcing The Potential Of A Glorious Next Generation Among The Community Members. Enjoy This Milestone As You Are Not Just Special Today Because It Is Your Birthday…You Are Always Special To Us On Any Given Day. Wishing All The Very Best For All The Coming Years Of Fruitful Parsi Journalism Since The More You Age The More Valuable You Become ….. And I Think Your Value Is Just Priceless! Thanks For Making Our Saturdays More Meaningful And Exciting. May God Bless Parsi Times With Wonderful Times Ahead.

– Afroze Hirji Elavia


Best Pic (Posing With Parsi Times)

Hirji B. Elavia




Times are changing – so too preference

There is a marked shift in reverence.

The toddler is growing, and growing up fast

It is now Seven with reach so vast.

The contents are improving with each weekend

Under the able Anahita’s guiding hand.

The positive energy in every week editorial

Charges the reader for another week’s trial.

Articles by Ruby Lilaowala

or our affable Noshir Dadrawala

Are reader’s delight –

not forgetting our pious Dr.Dhalla.

So here’s wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY

with God bless for all times,

May you achieve many milestones


– Hosi Ruttonshaw Nariman

Parsi Times, as you grow old

Your responsibility increases ten fold.

Work you will have to, very hard ;

And the community, well guard.

Look into, you will have to, every aspect

Inculcate in the community love, faith n respect.

See that Parsis multiply ; not a chance of extinction.

Only then will you reach the century mark,  with distinction.

– Armin Dutia Motashaw

Parsi Times at Seven,

You’re our community’s News Haven.

Your reporters never rest,

They’re always on Newsworthy quest,

Of our community North, South, East or West.

Jashans, celebrations, sporting events galore,

Tips on Health, Beauty, Stocks and Shares,

Movies, food and much more.

Meanings of Prayers we don’t always know,

Which no other weekly, will show.

Parsi Times reports a lot,

Of our many communitys abroad.

For a weekly so small

You’re standing very tall.

May you grow stronger everyday,

To show the World our Parsi Times way,

Do celebrate each and everyday.

– Kety K. DadyBurjor


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